17 thoughts on “Compassion Limited

  1. barely the beginning, eh? Do tell.

    Earworm: Somebody’s gotta be the grownup around here. You remind me of the old rabbi who, after a particularly hard week, went to prayer and said,

    God, I thank you that we are your chosen people. But do you think, just this once, that you could go choose somebody else??


  2. I am glad you are back and hope that during intermission you were able to get some rest.

    I agree with o ceallaigh, I want the entire story….details details details, we want ALL the details.

  3. OC — I used a similar line is a sermon I gave about Moses. It was pretty much a stand-up comedy and had the congregation rolling in the aisles.

    Jan — if you want the rest of the story just click the link! It’s there, I promise.

  4. Chana — satisfy that curiosity. I don’t want to be responsible for your demise!

    Brian — didn’t I? And that wasn’t the only time those kids embaressed me. (Yes, I know I spelled that wrong, but the pun wouldn’t have worked otherwise, okay, Jackie?)

  5. O I had read the post on the other blog, I thought you had ment that “that” was only the beginning. I should know better than to post a comment while still half asleep!

  6. Those teen years were full of interesting times for me too!

    Don’t forget this Wednesday November 22nd is “Roasting Dr. John night!” Simply write a blog in his honor sharing stories true and untrue and all in good humor. Have fun and hope to see you Wednesday night!

  7. OC — I didn’t catch that pun while I was at work. Nicely done.

    Jan — sorry!

    Jackie — I work at it.

    Margaret — but I don’t talk on Wednesdays!

    DonnaK — where have you been!

  8. Oh my. I’ll follow the link, but you have to love the irony of an introduction touted as laughing pleasure fodder followed by a stick in the eye.

    And congrats for landing your humerous self in the caption contest winners circle again, my friend! πŸ™‚

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