This blog has been temporarily interrupted due to exhaustion. It will resume it’s regular fair (fare?) of silliness and nonsense after it’s perpetrator (proprietor?) has gotten some much needed sleep.

Please, carry on without me.


9 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. i’m sorry you are exhausted. sleep and rest as much as possible. i will ask my guardian angel to keep an eye on you so no one will disturb you. many hugs…XOXO

  2. Chana — I am now awake. Stay tuned for details.

    Al — how about emergency room papers and a plastic wrist band? Oops! Sorry, they aren’t in my name.

    Lori — please don’t tell folks we’re sleeping together. They might get the wrong idea.

    Rob — nice to see you. Come back when I’m awake.

    Brian — go sleep in your own blog.

    Silver — thanx!

  3. Hospital emergency rooms…the worst. Tired or not, this felt like I was there with you. Hope you had a restful hooky day. I’m almost afraid to ask how your friend dislocated her shoulder…you are going to tell us aren’t you?

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