15 thoughts on “Fluffy’s & Chrissy’s Wordless Wednesday

  1. What?!! Tasted like CHICKEN??
    I’ve always thought beagles tasted like liver, so I rarely eat those floppy eared creatures any more. ๐Ÿ™‚
    It was so nice to have you stop by! I’ve seen you over at Douglas’s wordy blog, but I don’t believe I’ve ever paid you a visit. I’m glad I came by.
    I see that you were spreading some Good News on Christmas Day too! I just LOVE Christmas, and I’m always a bit sad when it is over.
    I do enjoy the fact that the holiday season gives me a great excuse to eat goodies from Thanksgiving to New Years, and then pick it right back up again come Valentine’s Day.
    Happy Holidays to YOU!!

  2. Jamie Dawn — welcome. Come back anytime. You’ll find I spread Christmas cheer year round. This year I have any far fewer goodies in the entire holiday season than ever in my life. In fact, I received for Christmas a lovely box of chocolates that remain in their package, unopened.

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