Intermittent Internet

At work yesterday the Internet chose to behave in a despicable manner, taking up to 40 minutes to load a page. A little after one o’clock in the afternoon, the system crashed altogether. I guess they don’t realize that a couple of months ago I started to mainline my email and only disconnect when I absolutely have to. (Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, I refuse to put email on my cell phone. Then I’d never get anything done!)

At any rate, my work friends know how I feel about my Internet connectivity, so I got a lot of teasing yesterday. Mr. Texas-Drawl opened the connecting door between our rooms shortly after the system expired completely. I was at the board teaching math. “Oh, good!” He said. “You’re still standing. I was certain I would have to call 911.”

Today, with the unknowing (I stole it) help of my friend, Bill, who calls himself, “Old Fart,” (I refuse to, he is younger than I), I present my intervention strategies:

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5 thoughts on “Intermittent Internet

  1. Oh wow, that comic describes me to a T!

    I had a history teacher in high school that was always on the computer chatting with one of her friends during class time. It really annoyed me, I still got an A in the class but it felt like a bluge.

  2. Silver — I don’t neglect my students for the email, but I give it a quick check every half hour or so. Only once did I chat in class — just long enough to say I was sorry I hadn’t shut the chat window and didn’t have time to chat.

  3. Oh, I so need a 12 step program for my email addiction! I can’t get off the internet even though it means my 3yo is destroying my home! Read my blog to see what she can do in a jiffy!

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