Do Not Disturb

I took my allergy meds and had a short rest. I woke feeling much better and wandered to the kitchen for a bite of food. I then went back to get my novel and make the bed. I found this:

And received this response when I asked him to move.

He is curled up in a lovely sunbeam. And moving him just seemed mean, so he is still there and the bed remains unmade.

But don’t go getting the idea that that means my cat is spoiled.

19 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. It would be cruel to take him away from that spot. I mean can´t you find a blanket or something and lie somewhere on the floor?
    Really! *shakes head*

  2. Welcome to being a Cat Owner. Haimish is a big baby and sometimes gets his nose out of joint, if I disturb him.

    He usually gets over it quick though, but quickly forgets he is miffed, which seems to get timed to supper feeding time.

  3. Oh NO! How would I EVER get that idea? My husband has come to terms with the fact that I DO NOT ask cats to move so that I can make the bed. But usually they DO move at SOME point during the day — and I’m up and down the steps frequently enough that I often find an opportunity to make the bed. But not always. WHO CARES? There are only SO many good hours for a nap during any given day! We must NOT disturb! (now, occassionally I will think they’ve got the RIGHT idea and I’ll lay down with them! Sometimes this disturbs them and they leave — but oh well — by then I’m alreay laying down!) LOL!

  4. I hope you are feeling better. My favorite “get better tea” is strawberry almond mint Rooibos.
    Sounds ghastly but I guarantee you it is yummy!! Here’s a cyber cuppa for you..


    BTW, Diane is the cat in my house who lays in wait until someone gets up, then promptly jacks said person’s warm seat. She is frequently heard growling angrily yet again as she is relocated when said person comes back :))

  5. Rachelle, that’s a lot of flavors mixed in one tea cup. I think I’ll pass at tasting it until my system is in top form. Thanks.

    Bazza — you’re right, from that perspective, he isn’t spoiled at all.

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