Wake Up, It’s Monday

Wake your brain with this:

Four Comedians — all with today’s date in common: Who are they?

1.) Corporal Randolph Agarn

2.) Sidekick to both Roy Rogers & Gene Autry, and extreme irritant to Eddie Arnold.

3.) *Became famous playing a British cad: one such character was named: Lt. Col. Algernon Hawthorne

4.) A man of many voices who often had pie in his face. As a child his brothers called him, “Soup Bone.”

Extra Credit:
Which two were born on this date in history?
Which two died on this date in history?

*Question three was modified after Doug graded my grammar and found me lacking.

15 thoughts on “Wake Up, It’s Monday

  1. Pauline — maybe later — not up to giggling myself just now.

    Al — #3 — pick one. Use the date to decide which.

    Lori — I believe what you’re looking for is down the hall and to the left.

  2. Wow, Al! I had nothing. The best I can come up with for #2 is Gabby Hayes, but I wouldn’t have called him a comedian.

    My only path to dignity is to point out that your #3 lacks plural/singular agreement, Ms. Quilly.

  3. I got nothing…you should see our national comedians and you´d understand why I am not more into this branch of entertainment 🙂

  4. OUCH! My brain! The only one I knew without googling was Soupy Sales! Quilly… you have too much TIME when you don’t go to school!

  5. And the Answers Are:

    1.) Larry Storch, Corporal Agarn of F Troop.

    2.) Pat Buttram, perpetual sidekick

    3.) Terry Thomas, the cad of all cads

    4.) Soupy Sales

    Larry Storch and Soupy Sales were born (1923 & 1926, respectively) on January 8th.

    Pat Buttram and Terry Thomas died (1994 & 1990, respectively) on January 8th.

    Thanks for playing bill and Al — all others, thanks for heckling.

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