17 thoughts on “Human For Sale

  1. Brig — careful, you’re depreciating with each tick of the clock.

    Doug — pft. You are invaluable to your fans.

    Cindra — they base all of their statistics on actuary tables.

    Dr. John — a man is automatically worth $25,000 no matter his age. Your taxes must be high!

  2. I’m smarter than 89.51% of the population. That’s pretty cool since I had to make educated guesses on all the US-centric questions. I wouldn’t even know where Seattle is, if it wasn’t for “Sleepless in Seattle” and their little map showing where the characters were flying.

    And I’m worth $1,544,046. I probably would be worth more if I knew how to convert my Aussie GPA to the US equivalent.

    This was a bizarre little experiment. At least I got an ego boost from the “intelligence test”.

    QD, the way you write, I would have assumed you’d be considered more intelligent that your results imply.

  3. Bill — might not be by the new place until tomorrow. I have a tone of grading to do tonight and report cards to complete.

    Mumma — I took the intelligence test really fast and knew about the time I clicked the button that I had marked two answers wrong. In college I tested in the 99th percentile, and I am relatively certain that 36.41% of the population doesn’t (or it wouldn’t be called the 99th percentile…).

    One reason my price is so low, is because I am under educated.

  4. ^^than, not that. Stupid typos.

    Aha! So I was right in assuming it was not an accurate representation of your actual intelligence.

    Intelligence tests are all culturally biased anyway. At least that one had some elements of fun to it. I noticed a few trick questions in there.

    By the way, good luck with your report cards. That’s always one of the most time consuming tasks in teaching.

  5. Dang! I was only worth $1,150,016!!! But… I scored 24/25 on the How-Dumb-Am-I test! That made ME more intelligent than 97.83 percent of the population — and that scares the HECK out of me!!!

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