Wake Up, It’s Monday!

To kick start your brain:

1.) Her first acting job was a French maid in a Noel Coward play. In the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s she was a frequent “guest” on popular sitcoms, starring in 5 Love American Style episodes: Love and the Country Girl; Love and the Memento; Love and the Singing Suitor; Love and the Lovesick Sailor; and, Love and the Teacher. However, she was best known as Jeremy’s love, Candy. Who is she?

2.) What “out of this world” actor played characters on: Twilight Zone, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Night Gallery, Quantum Leap, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek: Enterprise, JAG, and Battle Star Galactica?

3.) This stage, film and television actor, a classmate of Paul Lynde, starred in three Mel Brooks movies; competed for Miss America; posed au naturel on the cover of Alternative Medicine Digest; and has a long list of awards including an Oscar, eight prime time and one day time Emmys, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actor’s Guild. Who is she?

4.) This stand up comedian best known for his prat-falls, also played: Corporal Duke Slater, Harvey Peck and Larry Clarke. Who is he?

10 thoughts on “Wake Up, It’s Monday!

  1. Minka — I need some help with my paperwork. I expect to see you at my classroom door at 3:30 this afternoon — my time. You better start swimming ….

    OC — some of us are grateful for 75%. I know I sure was when it came to my Spanish classes. Yo no hablo espanol. And 5 years worth of study didn’t change that!

  2. Well, I’d say, “Wake Up, It’s Monday!” has been declared a flop. For those who cared:

    1.) Bridget Hanley
    2.) Dean Stickton
    3.) Cloris Leachman
    4.) Ronnie Schell

    OC won.

  3. LOL! I knew 1 and 3 — but didn’t know 1 UNTIL you said she was Jeremy’s love, Candy! HERE COME THE BRIDES! Ohhhhhhh I was SO in love with Bobby Sherman! I even CALLED HIM on the phone one time!!! (didn’t get him… but I got his agent!)

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