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4 Assorted What-Not’s

First, I have a coffee stain on my favorite white t-shirt. Any suggestions on how to get it out? I mean, besides soaking it in Polident?

Second, I came home this evening to find my front door standing wide open. I approached with extreme caution. Both my cats were sitting in the doorway looking at me, and since they are the spooky type, I surmised all was well. Still, I stuck my hand in the door and turned on the light, and gave the place as careful a look as I could from outside. I cautiously entered, moved from room to room and found all as it should be.

Since I am the only one with a key to my place I must surmise I left without locking my door. I went outside this afternoon with the intent to leave, saw a bunch of trash in my yard, cleaned it up, and then got in my car and drove away. You know, the leaving without locking my door thing never could have happened if a certain gentleman hadn’t thoughtfully fixed the doorknob latch. You see, the door used to not stay closed unless it was locked. Twice now I have thought the door locked — because it was closed — and it wasn’t.

Third, when one thing goes wrong Murphy steps in and all H breaks loose! My keyboard died about a month ago and the tech guy at school gave me another. That is because this comp belongs to the school, so the repairs belong to the school, too. Except tonight I poured avocado salsa on the new keyboard, giving it severe indigestion, right in the middle of composing this post. I just returned from Wal-Mart with a $9.00 keyboard. I don’t think that Mr. B. would believe I wore out a brand new keyboard that fast. I believe Murphy was invited by the same gentleman who fixed my door, since he asked me just the other day the price of maintaining a “free” machine. I told him there was none!

Fourth, I had to go to the doctor today for my annual EKG and breathing test (asthma and CPAP related). Of course they tell you nothing, so I’ll have no results until after I see the Doc in a couple of weeks. However, for the first time since moving to this sand cloud, I made the breath meter register full scale. It took three tries, but I did it! Yay for regular exercise!

As I was leaving the doc’s office, I stopped at the pay window. The lady asked me why I was there. I showed her my paperwork, and she said I was free to go. I thought that was strange. I said, “Are you sure?”

She said, “Yes, ma’am.” So, I put my checkbook back in my purse, and almost made it to the elevator when I heard my name echo down the hall. I turned. A poor little huffing and puffing nurse said, “We need you to come back.”

I returned to the window with my checkbook in hand. The lady said, “You owe a $25.00 co-pay.”

I responded, “I thought so.”

She demanded, “Then why didn’t you say something?”

I said, “You didn’t seem to want my money, and to tell you the truth, I’m not all that eager to give it away.”

The lady behind the window didn’t think I was funny, but the people in the waiting room had a good chuckle.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. I have no suggestions on the coffee stain. I don’t drink coffee and I don’t remove stains; both are Daniel’s job in this house.

    How scary to come home to your door wide open! I’m glad all was well.

    LOL @the keyboard! I’d blame the ‘gentleman’ too.

    Well, the nurse may not have found you funny but I think what you said was pretty dern cute.

    And finally, I can’t believe I’m actually the first to comment for a change. That is, of course, if I didn’t ramble too long and someone else beat me to it by now. lol

  2. even though bleach is nasty…if you haven’t washed and dried it, you can dilute the bleach a bit and use a rag to clean it…and then rinse, rinse, rinse so the fibers don’t break down and throw it in the wash. It’s worth a try.

    Your door scares me…and that gentleman is awfully distracting…hmmmm…

    I’ll be happy when you get to be more distracted and less west.

  3. Donna — you’re first because you arrived seconds after I posted! Had I posted on time, you wouldn’t have been first. Maybe Murphy is working for you.

    The gentleman will probably squawk about being blamed for the keyboard since he was over 2000 miles away, but the unlocked door thing is clearly his fault.

    Cindra — all though this sounds wrong, the gentleman will likely be less distracting at a closer range. And don’t worry about my door. I think I was more than frightened enough that I won’t be forgeting it again. Had the cats not been in plain sight, I would have called a friend and waited for help. I am brave, but not stupid.

    Okay, I did your bleach thing. It took the blood out of my college t-shirt, so I can wear it to school tomorrow (All staff are to wear their college colors tomorrow). And it faded the coffee stain on the other shirt, but it didn’t eliminate it. As to setting in stains with the drier — I don’t have one!

  4. Well, posted late or not, I’ll take what I can get. I’m not likely to be first again anytime soon. LOL

    And you’re right, the door is clearly his fault! How dare he fix it! haha

  5. Donna you’re always a first in my book!

    Bill — Sorry, English and German. I have my family tree back to the 1400’s. No Scottish. Just airhead.

  6. First – bleach the tee shirt
    Second – check that you lock your doors! (I told you it was risky meeting someone on the internet)
    Third – stop eating while at the keyboard
    Fourth – now that you are so fit, RUN, don’t walk, when exiting Dr. office
    lol lol lol lol lol

  7. Have you tried one of those oxycleaners? They work pretty well on this kind of stain.

    When I saw the nurse, I would have started running from her. HeeHee! If she wants my money, she at least has to give a good chase. πŸ˜€

    One of the benefits of my small town is the hospital. We have good doctors that spend a lot of time with you, but never seem to keep you waiting. Even better, they have actually told us, “Whoops. We took too long to charge you, so we can’t bill you anymore.” As opposed to the big city where they didn’t bill us for five years, and then sent the bill to collections because we never paid it. I had a few rude words for them. πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad to know you are breathing better. How is the vertigo?

  8. Your keyboard doesn’t LIKE avacado salsa? How odd….

    I think you need to add one of those spring loaded door closer thingamahoochies to your door! That way even if it isn’t LOCKED, at least it will be CLOSED and not a completely unwritten invitation to any and all burgley people who might wander by! When I come home and find MY front door standing wide open, I know that Jewl got left out, and missed her couch REAL bad!

    WAY TO GO on the pulminary function test!!! Whooo hooo! Yes indeed! Exercise does wonderous things!

  9. Jackie — you crack me up. And if I didn’t eat at the keyboard, I wouldn’t eat at all — work or home!

    Brig — the oxycleaner only made it lighter, didn’t get rid of it — and that was two washings! Where do you live, and do they need teachers?

    Donna — I am wonderful aren’t I? Although OC may have a different opinion today.

    Melli — Go figure — I thought the keyboard would appreciate the salsa, it didn’t fuss over the gravy I gave it last summer. The spring lock thing is an idea, but I think it would probably cost more than the dor is worth. (That should tell you something about my house!)

  10. Have you already washed and dried it? If it has been through the dryer the stain is set. Try using a dish detergent like Dawn. Put it directly on the stain and rub in and let it sit. Then wet it and rub it. I’ve gotten rid of quite a few stans, some take a couple of trys. It might work for ya.

  11. my laptop didn’t fancy a glass of water some time ago… but my BIL took care of it.
    congrats on the pulminary test… the lady at the window deserved what she got πŸ˜‰

  12. Jill — I am wearing the shirt. I used Cindra’s suggestion.

    Polona — yikes! I replaced my keyboard with $9.00, I imagine your mishap cost a bit more!

  13. Maybe I’m just brewing my coffee too weak, but my coffee stains have never been on par with axle grease. πŸ˜€

    Where do I live? I’m pretty sure they filmed “The Children of the Corn” about a mile down the road. I’m also pretty sure the same children still live there. But if that doesn’t deter you, come on over! I am slightly unhappy with my son’s teacher this year, and if you can manage to make it look like an acci… I mean fill in on short notice, they might have a spot come open soon. (My lawyers want me to add that I respect the noble profession of teaching, and do not wish any harm to come to any teachers anywhere. Except my first grade teacher, and she can get attacked by a rabid mongoose for all I care.) πŸ˜‰

  14. Brig — I didn’t remember the shirt was stained and let it sit in the laundry bin too long.

    I think I’m going to let you keep your, “Children of the Corn” kids. I know I am moving, but I don’t know where. (It’s a long story. Don’t ask.)

  15. To the first, I’d try soaking the rest of the t-shirt in coffee.

    To the fourth, you should have pointed out that leaving the doctor without paying the co-pay would sure help your breathing.

    To the third thing, I’m grinning that your gentleman friend did a nice thing, received appreciation for it and was still to blame for your mistake. I now pronounce you man and wife.

  16. Doug — thanks for the stain fighting suggestion. Pft.
    I think the nurse who chased me needed the pulminary function test more than I did. And gentlemen are always to blame for ladies’ mistakes, married or not. That’s a standard rule. How did you miss the memo?

  17. QD, did you try soaking the whole shirt in Napisan then hanging it the sun? If it can get poo stains out, then surely coffee would be easily dealt with.

  18. People behind the counter never laugh at money jokes. Rule 8 never bring food near your computer. Are you sure you wern’t robbed and your stuff replaced by identical stuff?

  19. Dr. John — the humor of money jokes does depend on which side of the bottom line one is on. If I never ate at my computer, I’d never eat. And — I suppose crooks may have traded out my electronics, but if so, they did a great job of replacing the dust.

  20. Napisan is a powdered bleach/detergent that can be used on its own for soaking (as in nappies) or added to the wash for really soiled loads of clothing to help get rid of stains. It’s brilliant – gets out pretty much everything without being too harsh on your clothes. I have a feeling it’s an Australian product. I buy it from the supermarket. Just did a quick google search and here’s the website: so it’s definitely an Aussie product.

    More searching: I found a shop in Texas that sells it! Woot! Looks like they ship anywhere in the US too.

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