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I’m a Loser!

It’s the beginning of the month and time for my Curves report again:

I just signed up for the Curves weight loss challenge class. I have to attend every Tuesday evening from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. It is a nutrition and lifestyle class. They probably aren’t going to teach me anything I don’t know, but reminders never hurt.

I weighed in tonight. My total weight loss since August 1st is 21 pounds. They tell me that 14.34 pounds of that was body fat (I am down another 1.4%). And overall (bust, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs, & arms) I’ve lost 25.75 inches.

There’s a thin person inside of me and she wants out!

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. congratulations! that said, having seen pictures of you (okay, so ONE picture of you, but still…) i have to say you are beautiful to begin with. and by my own critical eye, hardly in need of weight loss. so i’m hoping this venture is for your own sense of well-being, as well as a means for improving your health (always a good thing). again, where you are concerned, “loser” is a word that only applies in the most literal of fashions! (i know it feels great to “inch” closer to a goal, and i think you deserve to be as happy/proud as you clearly are! well done!) xox

  2. Neva — that pic is only of my face. For the most part my curves go out where they should go in — and my Doc is aware of my diet. Trust me, health is the issue, but thinner is nice, too!

  3. I needed to lose weight, due to being diagnosed diabetic and I know it’s not easy, so well done, keep it up, and when do we get the bikini photo (don’t answer that, I already know)

  4. Bazza — hold your breath. That will also help you keep your motuh closed — and keeping your mouth closed is a great diet aid. (Which in turn will help keep peace in your household.)

  5. Fun comments posted here 🙂 I am pleased if you are pleased; health of course should be the overriding reason for a commitment to losing. Keep up the great work; this is all for you. Please email me and give details of another move; you have peeked my curiosity.

  6. Pauline — it will be nice to walk and breath at the same time. I am looking forward to that day.

    Angela — so far only one person has noticed the difference. She said she was looking at some pictures taken the first day of school and only then did she realize I’d been losing weight. When you see people every day the change is too gradual.

    OC — I’ve never really understood that saying. Does it apply also to things like bowls of ice cream? (Approach with caution. This question may be a trap.) 😉

  7. I’ve tried several times to let the thin person in me out. The problem is I can’t catch him to do this. He runs faster than me.

  8. Way to go, Quilly-Sister, let her out!! Seriously, congrats, it’s so hard to stick with diet and exercise – but you’re doing it!!

  9. 3 CHEERS for Quilly!!!! YAY you!!!
    Quilly, did you ever take BEFORE pictures? I always recommend that anyone with a lot of weight to lose take pictures! You don’t have to show them to anyone if you don’t want to — but have them for YOU! Cuz when you’ve lost a LOT, but still have a LOT to go, you look in the mirror and still see “fat”… but when you look at the pictures, side by side, you see what a fabulous change has taken place, and it’s VERY encouraging! If I didn’t have my pictures I probably would have given up by now. Cuz I definately see FAT in the mirror! And I go “wow! 20 pounds made THAT difference??? What will happen in 20 more?” It’s VERY encouraging!!!

    And yes to OC… Less IS more … even in the ice cream bowl Quilly! Less calories = MORE icecream! I highly recommend Ben & Jerry’s low fat frozen yougurts! YUM!

    And KEEP IT UP!!! Gooooooooo Quilly!!!

  10. Mike — you actually have to get out of the chair!

    Jackie — this is just too easy. It really seems to be doing itself.

    Dr. John — I’d like to do it a bit faster, but the time table doesn’t seem to be mine.

    Melli — I’ll remember the Ben & Jerry tip when I get to craving sweets again.

    Bill — in this instance I am proud to have my name on the loser’s wall!

  11. Way to go, Quilly! Keep up the good work!! I haven’t joined Curves, though there is one right next door to our office…but I have lost 15 pounds since the first week of January- mostly from cutting back on McD’s. I want Starband for my computer and I figured if I cut back on meals while working I’d not only lose some weight but I’d save a pile of money as well. So, the meals not eaten and the money saved will soon result in two big positives- slimmer and Starband!

  12. Congrats! I gotta get back to the gym. I stopped when I got a dog, and although I walk a lot, you need to build muscle at my (our?) age in order to keep your weight down.

  13. Congradulation Quill, that is a lot of weight. I lost 65 pounds once…..took me over five years to gain it back, but I did. so now I want to lose it again, but haven’t the will power, so I really know how much will power this takes. Good for you.,

  14. Thanks, Nea — it’s a lot, but it’s not enough. You know, I’m not having any trouble with the will power thing. I don’t know why, but it’s not an issue.

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