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Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. The milk would be fine. I would drink it. Overnight is not long enough to ruin milk. Send it to me. I will drink it. Ask any of my friends. They all think I am crazy for leaving food out overnight. Or a couple nights. I am imune to food poisoning. I waste nothing. I will give you my address. Send it. I’m serious. Send it.

  2. LOL at Gawpo – You sound like my nephew. He would probably eat metal shavings if they were left out on the counter.

    Quilly, I’m so with you on the “no drinking skim” business. Surely there’s something else you could do to compensate for the tiny bit of extra fat. I recommend eating celery for its negative calorie effect. Of course, when you cover it in hommus, cream cheese or peanut butter, those negative calories start adding up… Something tells me that in 15 years time, I won’t be able to get away with this anymore.

  3. Do we need any more evidence for you to go back to what works for you instead of what some outfit tells you will work? For mucho dinero? (Wonder how fat they are, with all their profits.)

    I know a fella who quit science and opened a Curves franchise. Tells you something right there. Several things …

  4. Gawpo — I once accidently left ham and beans out over night. I ate them anyway. Can you say projectile vomiting?

    I am reasonably certain the milk didn’t spoil. Not just because my house went down to 41F. No. It didn’t spoil because it wasn’t really milk. It was 1%. Water, with a hint of milk. I have poured it down the drain. Don’t go stand next to your mailbox. Sorry.

    Mumma — eat your tuna fish on celery instead of bread or crackers. Hummus — yum. Try it on all your favorite vegetables. Use it (sparingly) on sandwiches instead of mayo.

    OC — no more Curves diet plan. Don’t worry. I have been starving and resentful since I started it. I will attend their classes, but I am eating the way it works for me — food I like, in small amounts, several times each day.

    Hmm, making a living off of other people’s sweat? Sounds like the great American dream.

  5. I remember reading years ago what a renowned cardiac specialist (his name escapes now) at The Toronto General Hospital said. He said in effect, everyone could live to the age of one hundred, if they ate only what was good for them, did only what was good for them, and got plenty of exercise. He then said, but why would anyone want to?

    Of course there are other reasons to look after ourselves, but it is still an interesting comment.

  6. Ham & beans left overnight… not sure I’d try that. Although I will eat pizza that’s been on the counter overnight.

    I know what you mean about the milk. I grew up drinking it straight from the cow (well… with some refrigeration). It was hard to force myself to drink even whole milk from the store. I’m down to 2% now and it doesn’t seem so bad once you are used to it. Although I do occasionally grab a Mason jar and borrow some fresh milk from a friend’s farm when I go up that way.

  7. Smart move pouring the milk down the drain. Milk sours fast and I’ve even seen 2% go bad quick. I am not the big milk drinker I used to be. I think about all the chemicals they put in the food Cows Eat for better milk production.

    I guess as one gets older they get more concerned about the things they eat.
    Oh Well at least I’m not Glowing in the Dark yet.

    Blessed Sunday is wished for you.

  8. Mike — I have heard that, too. I vote for balance — a little good, a little bad.

    Rob — Yummmm — cold pizza. One of my favorite foods.

    Cindra — I have no wish to get used to the blue milk. Blech. If it doesn’t taste good, then save the calories altogether and don’t injest it!

    Gawpo must have the digestive system of a goat!

    Bill — I am a chemical free sort of person. That is one of the problems I am having with this diet. All the foods they want me to eat have been unnaturally modified. My body wasn’t designed to digest man made products. I want God’s own natural foods.

  9. Quilly! You can have whole milk. You just have to cut back HOW MUCH of it you drink! And how often. 😉

    I will certainly do a product review of the pasta when I get it! Now… come back! I just put my day up — and it was a doozy!

  10. Quilly, I’ll keep those tips in mind for when I start to see the metabolism failing. For now, I’m concentrating on stopping myself from losing any more weight. Darn breastfeeding is too good at burning calories! 🙂

  11. Brig — I suspect you took great pleasure in posting that comment.

    Melli — chocloate Silk Soy Milk. Whole milk only on rare occasions.

    Mumma — oh, yeah. I guess I forgot who I was talking to.

    Dr. John — you’d have heard me gagging from there!

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