10 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog For a Special Announcement

  1. Isn’t he just a cutie-pie? In that Indiana Jonesish sorta way! YES HE IS! My FONDEST birthday wishes to that man of yours! And I WILL go sing him a song!

  2. Melli — being a hat lady you’ll understand that the Fedora changed his entire image, but thankfully not his persona. He didn’t trip any booby traps so there was no running from giant boulders.

    Jackie — he will love all the attention, I’m sure. (not) Any second now he is going to run for his life.

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  4. well this explains the hot pink toenails. or does it? Happy Birthday, O’C! it seems clear to me you’re in good hands and, er… hat? (i’m likin’ your guy in purple, too, Quilldancer!) 🙂

  5. Doug — purple would be a lovely color for a birthday party. Can you make it for dinner? OC is cooking.

    Neva — for an explanation of the toenails you’d have to read the last 4 posts on TGWUD. Or you can just content yourself knowing I always rise to a challenge.

  6. i am a bad blogger friend, for i often do read TGWUD (and love it), but i don’t always take the time to comment. i’ll work on that… i really will. as for your ability to rise to a challenge? heh… never doubted you for a second! 😉 xox

  7. Neva — you are not required to comment. I am glad you like the stories.

    Bill — OC is somewhat skeptical about that “angel” proclaimation. I don’t understand exactly what his problem is, but he mumbled something about pink polish and punctured dignity. Go figure.

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