Brain Dead

If anything exciting happened today I didn’t notice it. Of the 125 fifth grade students who passed through my class today, not one said anything worth noting. Blah weather. Blah day. Blah kids.

Exhausted teacher. I am going to try to get some sleep tonight. Last night I had very strange dreams which included me picking up tractor trailers (18 wheelers) single-handedly to clear traffic. Not that I’m feeling particularly stressed about anything — like the 125 ungraded poems on my desk. Well, only 75. I did get 50 done today before my brain melted.

Maybe tomorrow I will be entertaining. Pft.

10 thoughts on “Brain Dead

  1. I hope your day goes better tomorrow, at least you don’t have Stress Tests and EKG’s like I have to have. My Doctor gave me the good news today, on top of having to save a $200.00 per month account because the ball was previously dropped four times.

    Lets hope our days are better tomorrow

  2. I can’t imagine surviving reading 5 student poems, Q. Never mind 75. Reading 5 poems from (so-called) professionals is bad enough. Definitely a combat pay item.


  3. Ahhhhhh Quilly… ya know… it’s a blog… not a job! You don’t have to be “on” every day — we’ll still love you!

  4. Bill — I had the stress tests and EKGs in February. I have them every year. Those don’t stress me — well, the chemical heart test two years ago did. That one was particularly nasty. They rest are routine.

    OC — with the kids poems, I just follow the grading rubric and don’t stress much about word choice or meaning. Plus, keeping in mind that they are only ten really helps!

    Melli — if I don’t post at least a note about why I’m not posting, my email box overflows from folk who think I must have died because I always post every day! This is just easier! (I am not complaining tabout the folks who care about me.)

    Morgan — I did. No semi moving in my dreams last night. Thanks.

  5. Bill — the tests really are routine. My insurance comapny insists on them because I sufer from sleep apnea. Heart trouble is a common side effect. My heart is strong and healthy. The doc tells me so every year.

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