15 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Hey! How do I get in on this??? lol Tell you what- I’ll pack for you, you pack for me. Mine will be very easy. Just throw it all into that big metal container that looks like a dumpster and some nice, strong men will take it where it belongs. 😉

  2. Dr.John — oh, I hope not. I plan opn tossing much more stuff away!

    Melli — well, my muscles are smartin!

    Brig — send a plane ticket

    Penguin — this is the third time I’ve helped her move. I’ve also cleaned her house for her several times over the past 10 years. She’s got nothing I want to see again!

    Lori — you poor misguided girl ….

  3. I hate moving. It’s travelling without the fun of being on holiday. Plus there’s lots more to pack. I’d like to just “beam” myself and all my stuff to the next house next time we move.

  4. Bill — my hands have no business being idle. School year end — tons of things to pack, toss, giveaway. And then there’s my house. I can’t afford to ship this stuff to Hawaii, it has to go …. 48 years of … crap.

    Bazza — nope. I’m just a sucker for wailing and tears.

    Mumma — I’m with you on that!

  5. Judy — my friend was supervising. Mostly she sat in a chair and said, “Lift this. Tote that. Fetch. Carry.” However, the reason I was there is because she is handicapped.

  6. i don’t care who’s moving, i hate helping. even when it’s moving my own stuff! (as it’s been more times than i care to count). that said, you ARE a good friend — any chance you’ll be in our area sometime next year? i mean, we’re happy in Stamford, but golly, it would be so nice to get just a wee bit closer to New York City before next winter. lemme know… 😉 xox

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