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Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. My cats ALWAYS think that Dennis brings THEM flowers! It’s a regular little dance we do trying to find a spot where I can enjoy them – but they can’t EAT them!!!

  2. Our cat is called alternatively Boozer and Fatboy, however being a cat he doesn’t respond to either. He too is free to a good home, in fact any home. He moved into our house about 7 years ago, from where he came we know not, and despite frequent hints he won’t go back.

  3. Bill — roses aren’t poisonous. Try one ….

    Melli — I thought it was cute when he was smelling them. I was less thrilled when he opened his mouth and chomped.

    Bazza — well, if you’re that much of a sucker don’t be surprised when Fluffy and Christmas show up ….

    Mumma — have you updated? How come I haven’t received notification? It’s supposed to tell me when you’ve posted! And who knows whether or not Fluffy has been reading your blog? He could have his own blog for all I know. They get into all kinds of mischief when I am not home.
    Update: Good! There is nothing wrong with the update system. You were speaking of Vi, the African Violet that Elijah smashed. So, how is Vi doing after her trauma? And is Elijah free to a good home?

  4. My cat Clarence used to do that…. when we had roses in the house I had to take them to my room after dark because as soon as every one went to bed, Clarence would climb to where ever we put the flowers to have a chomp of them. He was even worse when it came to corn husks..

  5. the cat i posted (she belongs to my sister) doesn’t seem to care a bit about roses.

    but i must admit yours has a good taste 🙂

  6. Pointsettas (sp) will take care of all those wrangly hair balls…so says the florist. But, Hubby won’t let me try…..Judy

  7. Pauline — Fluffy doesn’t care about flowers with good taste, he wants flowers that taste good.

    Tina — I guess even cats like salad.

    Polona — see my comment to Pauline …

    Judy — Pointsettas probably would take care of all those wrangly hairballs — I understand they are poisonous! Try a bit of vaseline mixed with molasses. Just drip kitty’s paw in it and kitty will injest it when it cleans it’s tootsies.

  8. better a few pretty flowers than the (usually) more expensive houseplants (that’s what our pups like to chomp down on, on any given day) you could try buying carnations — actually edible, and they taste like pepper. might make your kitty think twice, before biting into a pretty petal again.

    okay, and because i’m nothing, if not a linky nerd, here’s a LINK to a few other edible (and not-so-edible) flowers (don’t see poinsettias, but i think they’re poisonous, too) 🙂

  9. Neva — I have eaten cantaloupe soup that was served with carnation petals floating on it. At the same meal I was served a salad that included red rose petals.

  10. Dr. John — I could take the cats to Hawaii, but I am unable to afford the fare/rules/regs/fees, or the deposits and extra rent that wold be involved in keeping them. I am looking for good homes in which to leave them — better yet, good caretakers to leave them with..

  11. This is why I spend so much time and energy becoming personally invested in felines, their behaviors, their quirks, their individualities, their names …

    “Stop that, cat. You too, cat.”

  12. Jackie — cool. I’ll leave him at your place on the way through ….

    Doug — Thank you. I told OC the rose Fluffy ate was silver, and OC responded, “Silver?” very skeptically for someone who claims to be a botanist.

    But OC, my cats adored you.

  13. They did, did they, Quilly? When they would deign to look at me – after a week or three. I understand that the domestic cat has like half the functioning neurons of its wild antecedents …

  14. OCof course they loved you! They slept in your suitcase, they stared at you while you sat on their couch, and they kept waking you up at night to tell you how much they liked sharing the bed.

  15. No, Elijah is not free to a good home. You’d have to pay me a lot of money to have him! He’s just too cute at the moment. It was a different story a couple of weeks ago, but I think we’re less sleep-deprived now!

    As for Vi, well… I’m just about to blog about HER latest adventures…

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