More Good-Byes

Today was my first official day of vacation.  I got a bit of packing done, but mostly in my classroom.  I am offically gone — turned in my keys, hugged the principal, the janitor and the secretary.  Shed a few more tears.

4 thoughts on “More Good-Byes

  1. each day now brings you to your new life and this new journey. i can understand that you would smile of what is ahead and she a tear for what you are saying good bye to. this has been your home, your peers and your life and where you gave 105% of yourself..

    good luck with the packing, i hope it doesn’t exhaust you hon. i hope the ebay thing is going well too and you are able to sell everything you listed.
    when is the actual date of the move? i think i missed those posts..

    well, here is wishing you a great sleep and an awesome tomorrow. hugs xo.

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