First Day in Pre-School

My sister Caryl called yesterday evening.  She said that for my first day in pre-school I wasn’t to bite, hit, scratch, spit or pinch.  Grownups can be such a bummer.

I re-learned my vowels in  pre-school today.  They go like this:

A is for ack!

E is for eek!

I is for ick!

O is for ow!

U is for ugh!

and ….

Y is for, “You’re kidding, right?”

8 thoughts on “First Day in Pre-School

  1. I could teach you a few songs and dances to do with the pre-schoolers if you like. That’ll keep you occupied long enough to quell the urge to scratch or bite them.

  2. Mumma — you’re going to teach me how to sing and dance? Can you teach me to look and sound good while I do it?

    Melli — uhm, that’s the teacher’s alphabet!

  3. loved maurice sendak
    “chicken soup with rice”
    “in the night kitchen”

    duck duck goose
    was always a hit

    as well as
    singing any funny song
    at the top of my voice…

  4. Polona — that would be body fluids and all accompanying sounds.

    WATO — Duck, Duck Goose is out. We have motor-skills control issues and our social skills would lead us to whapping each other about the head and shoulders. Think Special Ed in Pampers and you’ll have a better grasp of my job. My students are ages 3 & 4.

  5. First, Congratulations on landing the job! Second, good luck! When my daughter was teaching preschool I dropped in once to take pictures of her. They never stopped moving. Even when they were sitting somewhat quietly in chairs…they were still moving.

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