14 thoughts on “She Says

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  2. Brooke — pft.

    Dr. John — I like that rule. I especially like it if other people think it is actually true.

    Nessa — foolish girl.

    Melli — I believe I’ve said this to you before — takes one to know one!

    Polona — why indeed.

  3. Well I have had five kids, and I know pre school kids……..if they are younger than three……..they aren’t socialized. haha

    Pull ups……here in the states as you probably know, they can’t go to preschool until potty trained….NO pullups. In this day and age, I would NOT want to have to do any bathroom duty for any child…..under any circumstances…..heck you can’t even hug, here in school.

  4. Nea — this is special ed pre-school, and even on the mainland, these kids would be going to pre-school not potty trained. That rule only applies to children whose social, physical and emotional development stages are what they should be for their age level. All of our kids are special needs. Some of them may not potty train for a few years — and one we know for a fact will never potty train.

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