No Where But Here

The neighborhood around the school where I work has suffered a rash of tragedies and they have effected our working atmosphere. Untimely deaths, divorces, financial reversals, accidents and such have cast a pall over the neighborhood. Today after school the staff was asked to gather in the library — wholly voluntary, we were off the clock — for a blessing and a re-dedication of the school. The school has over 70 staff members and 62 of them arrived to pray.

We gathered in the library, stood in a circle and linked hands. A local holy man came in. We were not told what religious or spiritual group he represented. That wasn’t important. What was important is that we had all come together of like mind and in reverence.

The holy man asked us to remember why we had become teachers. He reminded us that as our spiritual guides — whether that be the Christian God or some other deity — take care of us and enable us to take care of the children. He prayed — to God in English and to “The Great Life Giver” in Hawaiian — to bring renewal and new life to each of us that we might be refreshed and uplifted so we can teach and uplift the children. He requested a general blessing for the neighborhood and the peoples who live and work there. He reminded us that as we nurture the children we should also nurture and uplift one another.

He began and ended the prayer in Hawaiin, although in the middle he spoke English. He ended, “amene” and the staff echoed, as was their custom, “amene” or “amen”. Much hugging and crying followed.

No one called the newspapers, the union, their lawyer or their government officials. There is still corporate prayer in some schools. Thank God.

9 thoughts on “No Where But Here

  1. how beautiful of your school to do this. how beautiful that so many of you stayed behind and attended. how beautiful that some wonderful values still exist in so many teachers and principals and staff.

    i’m sorry that the neighbourhood has had so much negative things happening. i hope that the prayers and good wishes went straight up to heaven. i hope they return back in droplets full of love and peace.

  2. Hi,
    I finally found a blog from someone in Hawaii…I’m so excited!! Good to hear about the prayer in school.
    I am loving your blog…our family has land there….hope to move there someday…I will bookmark your blog.

  3. Louisiana — I think you will find the values across the nation, but not the freedom to congregate and share them.

    Pam — Come back anytime. You may want to stop by our other blog, O’Ceallaigh and the Quill. There is a lot of local color there, too — and I have one blog, Oahu Dreams, that is all and only Oahu. Pick one or pick them all. You’re always welcome.

  4. AMEN!!! How sad that so many tragedies have struck your little area… but how WONDERFUL that you have such loving staff at your school! That is awesome Quilly… truly. I’m glad you found such a place to work!

  5. Kat — I have noticed that here people say, “I love you,” much more freely. Friends embrace. Even the men hug. Life moves a bit slower and God and family haven’t been put aside for “success”.

    Melli — there are more church going, God worshipping Christians in Hawaii then in any other state. The most popular television channels here are Christian. And the Christian radio station has the best reception on this end of the island.

  6. God and family haven’t been put aside for “success”

    That cinches it. We’re not leaving Leeward. Plenty of “success” Diamond Head of `Ewa. You’ll be disappointed. And not just with the doubling of the rent.

  7. Well, Quilly… this doesn’t surprise me! LOOK around you! HOW could you live there and NOT knOw there is a God!?? The beauty is OVERWHELMING evidence!

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