Swimming With Red Herring

OC would tell you that there aren’t any herring in our pool, red or otherwise. Don’t you believe it. He put them there himself.

The temperature in the swimming pool of our condo complex is about 70F. Most of you probably think that is perfectly warm enough for comfortable swimming. In fact, OC claims it is luxuriously warm compared to anything he might find in the far north of northern Maine. All that is well and fine for him, but keep in mind that I have spent the last 10 years in Vegas, where daytime temperatures average 110F and the pool usually stays a lovely 84 degrees. This pool is cold.

I stepped onto the top step. Water shivered around my ankles and I shot right back out. OC swam across the pool and back. “Come on in, dear. The water is fine.” Yeah, right. Maybe for penguins and polar bears, but not for palm trees and road runners. I refused to get into the pool.

OC cajoled to no avail — then he tried logic. My foot had been hurting so I’d been very sedentary. He pointed out that the swimming would be a good way to get exercise without putting undue stress on my arch. I still eyed the water askance. Then he promised that if I got in and swam a few laps, we could warm up in the jacuzzi after. The jacuzzi sounded inviting.

I got into the pool. I swam my laps — although as I made my first one I told OC I’d be Titanic frozen before I reached the other side. He said if one couldn’t walk on the water then it wasn’t truly cold. Pft.

After finishing my laps I ran shivering for my towel, snatched up my shoes and rushed to the upper terrace where the jacuzzi — was full of teenage kids. Full. That’s when I glanced back at OC. I swear he was tossing bread crumbs into the pool to feed his red herrings.

9 thoughts on “Swimming With Red Herring

  1. No, dear, it is YOU who are the reincarnation of MR. Sheldon Leonard. I didn’t manage to finger walk across the water. I may, however, take pointers from Mrs. Leonard regarding a suitable revenge.

  2. LOL you two are too funny. LMBO @if one couldn’t walk on the water then it wasn’t truly cold. I would think you would like the cooler water since it’s always so hot. I’m cracking up over here at your conversation with each other in the comments.

  3. Donna — OC goes out to the pool after the sun has passed it by. Today’s high temp was only 80, not even warm enough for swimming by Vegas standards. And here the locals are wearing long sleeves. In the evening when the temp drops to 75F or so, they actually don jackets.

  4. LOL! I guess you better not sign up for the Polar Bear Club just yet Quilly! My daughter – Krysti – actually went swimming in the OCEAN on New Year’s Day a few years ago! We had gone to Ocean City for the week after Christmas – and she was GONNA go swimming NO MATTER WHAT!!! I walked down with her and took videos!

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