Still Stocking

I’m still stitching away. The two stockings (bottom two of top pic) that seem undecorated actually have been trimmed — you can almost see it — in reverse print. Reverse print is the “in” thing here on the islands. Clothes are deliberately made — especially Hawaiian shirts — with all or part of the material sewn wrong side out. So, Alyce suggested I try it with a couple of stockings. I am not fond of the result. There just isn’t enough area in these stockings for the subtle shades to differentiate themselves.

5 thoughts on “Still Stocking

  1. I want one! I’m such a child at Christmas, wish I were there in your classroom enjoying the love you share as a teacher. Never forget the memories you make with these children shape their lives. Thanks for being “you”

  2. Brian — thanks. In Hawaii Santa wears a luau shirt because that red suit is just too warm!

    Pauline — I may very well make these and sell them on eBay next Christmas. What do you think?

    Nessa — 14. All done!

    Polona — that’s how I feel about your photos!

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