10 thoughts on “Fishtail Palm

  1. Doug — don’t know what I did to make the bark purple {except that it’s lavender on my screen). That was the first photos with my new camera and I was playing with all the bells and whistles.

    Donna — the tree thanks you.

    Pauline — that tree is going to get a fat head!

  2. you must have set white balance on something exotic 🙂
    you have some very attractive flora out there
    (when i growup i want to live in hawaii, insects and reptiles notwithstanding)

  3. Brian — I am a novice photographer, the color sat was an accident.

    Nessa — royal paradise.

    Polona — I am thinking I may have had it set on night exposure. Would that do it?

    Nessa — ohhhh! But I am so busy!

    Melli — you must see it in person. What time does your plane arrive?

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