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Get Ready!

I would like to take you back for just a few minutes to April 2nd, 2007. That was the day I told you about my friend, Ilona Andrews. Her first book had come out and I wanted all of you to read it. If you did, great, you’re all prepared. If you haven’t yet, you better get on it, because her second novel debuts next month. I’ll be reviewing it right here shortly. Stay tuned!

That April review:

From the time I order a package to the time it arrives I cannot step in the shower. I don’t care if it takes days — because the moment I step in the shower, the package delivery guy knocks on my door. It happened this morning — except he was a little late, I was just stepping out of the shower.

Dripping wet, trying to hop into my robe while running down the hall, I’m yelling, “Wait! Wait!” I know what he is delivering and I can’t stand it because I have waited 8 years for this package — eight years! I can’t get my bathrobe to zip and it’s gotta zip because it’s just not polite to open the door while wearing nothing but water, and I am going to open the door. Again I yell, “Just a minute!” The UPS guy answers — “I ain’t got all day lady!” — as I fumble the door open. He looks up at me and laughs. My hair is dripping wet and my glasses are fogged. I sign for my package and shred the cardboard carton with my bare hands!

Around eight years ago I somehow ended up in an online critique group for wannabe fantasy writers. The group did not survive, but my friendship with one of the members, Ilona Andrews, did. Over the years we have traded manuscripts, hopes and dreams. Today in the mail I received Ilona’s first novel.

I examined every millimeter of the outside, read all the bits and bites twice, ran my finger over her name on the cover and the spine — then I opened and read the acknowledgments, and began to cry. Ilona thanked many people. The list was long and my name came last, not buried, but set apart. Highlighted as someone special. All this time Ilona thought I was doing her a favor reading and critiquing her work. But that wasn’t it at all. I was the one blessed. Thank you, Ilona for allowing me to share this exciting journey with you. I hope to be with you through many more!

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Many congratulations to your friend upon the fruition of all her undoubted hard work. It looks a facinating read, perhaps one day I’ll finish all those other “must read” books that keep yelling at me from my bookcase, and work around to checking it out.

    ps. I trust you must also have a manuscript or two or two up your sleeve? I’ll keep keep my eyes peeled for your name..

  2. How EXCITING for your friend… and for you too! I have a friend who was first published several years ago – and that was a very exciting time! She writes legal novels – sort of like Grisham. I would LOVE to SAY I’m going to read your friends books… but sadly… she appears to write “fantasy”… and I even got bored with Harry Potter! Never cared for Lord of the Rings either… so probably I’m not the BEST reader for these books. You set me straight if I’m wrong!

  3. a second book? oh, this is wonderful and exciting news. well done your friend – and you!

  4. Shrinky — Ilona is at the head of my “must read” list, and not just because she is my friend. Her stories have it all — they’re humorous, suspenseful and sexy, (but not smutty). Plus, I love the way she weaves words together.

    Oh, for a sample of my published work, click the “Power Play” link above, but don’t hold your breath waiting for a story from me, since I started blogging I have stopped writing.

    Melli — this isn’t your standard fantasy novel. It is set in modern Atlanta in approximately our own time line. It is an alternate reality kind of thing. The premise is that magic — part of the world since it’s conception — had almost been replaced and irradicated by modern technology, but is now making a comeback, and altering the world in exciting, frightening and wholly unexpected ways.

    Oh! And at least go to the bookstore, pick up the novel, and read the introduction … 😉

    Polona — and she is in the process of editing book number three due out this time NEXT year.

  5. What an accomplishment to be published. I was curious and wanted to check out her website, but the link is not working. Is there a different link?

  6. I once wrote a book. Well, ok, I just wrote the words “a book”. I suppose I have a little further to go to get published….

    Congrats to your friend though.

  7. Jules — link fixed ! Sorry. I forgot Ilona and Andrew changed their website address.

    VE — you might need to add two or three more words.

    Melli — all I asked you to do was read the introduction — the acknowledgements — where you will find my name. However if you were to read a couple pages beyond that, you might indeed find you like the book. Of course, you might not. In which case, of course don’t buy it! Sheesh! I’m not thinking she’s going to have any trouble selling this book. Her first one sold well enough to earn her a multi-book contract!

    Dr. John — you and she have the same favorite authors so you may very well want to check it out.

  8. Kate Daniels is the kick butt heroine!
    That You Tube spot is excellent.
    Congrats to your author friend on BOTH her novels.
    How very exciting!!
    Your comments over at Doug’s are always so witty and intelligent. I’m sure your critique of her manuscripts were very valuable. You deserved the special acknowledgment she gave you.

  9. Jeff — come on back on a day I’m being me. You just might like it here. I’ll probably be seeing you at your blog again soon.

    Jaime — Ilona made that youtube promo herself, too. She is one super talented lady. Give her book a look see!

  10. ROFL! Well… that was what I meant! That I would read the into – to see your name… and then make a decision based upon further research! 🙂 I’m SURE she’s good! (it’s a matter of if she’s good for ME!) 🙂

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