12 thoughts on “Prince Peacock’s Wordless Wednesday

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  2. THIS is what astounds me! Just walking along… hum de dum… hum de dum… oh look… ANOTHER peacock… ho hum…

    WHERE is it written that you get ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the gorgeous nature?

  3. I’d be prooud as a peacock too, if I took that shot. And your previous photo essay is wonderful!

    Thank you for the wonderful poem/ comment on my latest Verse and Worse. I thought it was great!!

  4. Dr. John — nothing dull is allowed in Hawaii.

    Nessa — me, too!

    San — thank you. This is a juvenile male, in case you were wondering.

    Polona — yes. There were about 8 birds in the group.

    Brian — Checks in the mail. Go stand by the mailbox. Hmmm, on second thought, you might want to take a chair. A recliner. And maybe a sandwich or three.

    Melli — It’s written on the address of every letter sent to me. It says, Hawaii.

    Betty — thank you.

    David — my partner fears that you may be stretching my photographic hopes too high.

  5. Have a great time at the conference. Loved your SkyWatch shot.

    And as for the verse you leave as comments on my Verse and Worse posts – you always bring a smile to my face!!

    Love reading it – so please continue.

  6. David — I had fun at the conference because my friend made it fun, and I’ll keep leaving my silly ditties on your silly ditties because it’s fun!

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