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The Country Club Bum

OC and I went to lunch Sunday and sat on the lanai of a restaurant overlooking a golf course. It is a lovely view with all the flowering trees in bloom, the emerald green manicured lawns and the azure sea beyond. I took my camera to capture the view, but company came and took much of my attention.

The company was uninvited. He slowly sidled up to the table and helped himself …

He approached us with an innocent, “don’t mind me” air.

He casually strolled closer, looking everywhere but at us.

He nonchalantly took a seat at our table.

Scooted up close.

Stepped on up to the plate …

Gave it a thorough inspection.

Then admonished us. “Okay you two, perhaps you didn’t get the memo. All guests are required to leave a bite or two for me!”

He tried valiantly to convince us that our callous disregard of his dietary wishes had put him in eminent peril. In other words, he insisted he was starving. He might have made better headway if he’d sucked in his gut.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. I love it, it is true it is like you can hear almost what they are thinking. I think I need to take my camera everwhere I go.

  2. Cardinals around here are not nearly as friendly. Much as I like the bright red males of the locals, that guest of yours sure has an interesting color mix. What did you end up feeding him?

    Do the cardinals around your way have problems with crows or crow-like birds? The crows here have a sweet-tooth for cardinal eggs. And, while the crows are chasing cardinal eggs, bluejays are chasing the crows… which in turn get harrassed by the cardinals. It’s enough to bring out the slingshot… or the cat.

  3. What a beautiful bird…….stunning. Someday I will have to come to Hawaii, for the flowers and birds. I am keen on both. As you know. I have seven or eight bird feeders out, and I see many beautiful birds, but not any are quite a colorfull as your friend. He looks a bit well fed to me, and he seems to know the routine, and doesn’t appear to be the least bit shy. I think he has learned there are bits and bites to be had, if you are brave, and friendly. He looks like he got up quite close. But then I guess that is the way to impress….haha It sounds like a wonderful day.

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures.

    Is his head red from eating too much ketsup?

    I thought I would be the only ketsup joke, but Nea snuck one in.

  5. The pictures are as beautiful as the bird is!

    I hope you learned your lesson and remember from now on to save a couple of bites for uninvited guests. haha

  6. OC — [groan] 😡

    Anthony — indeed.

    SN — most of the feathered wildlife ….

    Brian — all the way to a nibble or two of chocolate frosting.

    Jules — that’s why I had to share him.

    Kelly Ann — doing so changed my attention span and the way I look at things. Every eye opening.

    Sauer Kraut — whatever chocolate goo he scraped off that dessert plate.

    Jill — he did make that clear.

    Nea — I thought of you as I snapped the photos.

    Nessa — great minds ….

    Polona — charming, he is!

    Dr. John — I am proud of both!

    Donna — that Chocolate Lava Cake was good to the last crumb and I shared it with OC. The bird was third in line!

  7. Not only does Life bless you with the company of one of the loveliest of guests, but you are blessed with a gift of ‘seeing’ the wonder before you, and communicating it to me in artistic and spell-binding beauty.


  8. Well, thanks to OC for answering my FIRST question! I’ve never seen a cardinal that looked like that! Gorgeous! I LOVE birds! I used to have a little cockatiel — and they just have the CUTEST personalities! And each one is different! THAT little guy is adorable! And SOMEbody is feeding him … even if you’re not!

  9. Cindy — it was even better in real life. He kept pecking at the plate anyway. Peck. Peck. Glare at us. Peck. Peck.

    John-Michael — thank you for your kind compliment.

    Bill — this one I did!

    Melli — OC claims he isn’t a teacher, but let me assure you, he most certainly is an educator.

    Betty — of course the camera was ready. We’ve eaten at the Makaha Resort several times and while our guest was uninvited, he wasn’t at all unexpected. 😉

  10. Those are wonderful shots! I am so impressed that he stood and let you take his picture. What a wonderful looking fella he is. And the words you give him are so right….

    Thanks for this. It is beautiful.

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