12 thoughts on “Booked and Busy

  1. Sorry Quilly, not been by for a while, time is just flying at the moment (in a good way). I have to ask, being an ornithologist, what the beautiful bird is in your previous post (not the peacock thingy, the one with the red breast). Can I also ask how you get a word in edgeways at a Women’s Conference?, hey look at that, started with an apology and finished with one too, sorry.

  2. Stay tuned, Melli. I suspect there’ll be plenty more from whence this one came.

    Shame on you, Bazza. Maybe all the strong, silent guy types have gone to England. The species is extinct here. As for the bird, it’s a red-crested cardinal, also known as a Brazilian cardinal. It was imported from, ehm, Brazil đŸ˜‰ into Hawai‘i nearly a century ago, and is as common as blackbirds now (and a good deal cheekier).

  3. Melli — it definitely would have been more fun with you there!

    Bazza — quit trying to get a word in edge-wise and just stand up straight and speak out!

    OC — thanks for covering for me today, hon!

    Dr. John — I am conferenced out. I need sleep and I’ll be back!

    Kat — I met a lot of fun folks to chat with, and the food at the luau was good, a few of the features of the conference were fun, but mostly ….

    Doug — the only recipe I can share is one for mischief, and I think you’ve already got that.

    Let me know when your shipment arrives. I am anxious to hear how everything came out.

  4. Polona — I did have fun, but mostly with my friends. We probably could have done that cheaper without the conference fees!

    John-Michael — since moving to Hawaii the Hibiscus has become my favorite flower.

    Nea — I’m baa-aack!

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