14 thoughts on “The Pause That Refreshes

  1. Tell him his brothers and sisters in my lake miss him terribly. He should come for a visit and bring you along with him. (Not the other way around. That would be absurd.)

  2. Polona – well, he was staring intently at a food kiosk across the way and, I believe, calculating his chances of getting to fallen crumbs before the Brazilian Cardinals, Red Vented Bulbas, and Zebra Doves.

    Brig — Ducks who find their way to Hawaii (accidentally — we’re off the flight path) recognize paradise when they find it, and migrate no further.

    Melli — my “free download” photo software doesn’t have such a feature.

  3. OK Quilly did you plunk that duck on the water fountain with photo shop or paint shop pro or some such software. Hey we could always call it McGarrett πŸ˜‰

    Book em Quill-O

  4. Bill — he and two others were sitting there all on their own. It was a hot day and the fountain was cool. The crudeness of the photo has to do with me over-extending my zoom lens, and my attempts to fix the gaff with photo enhancement software.

  5. Kat — that’s why I took his photo!

    CrazyCath — It was a hot and sticky day and I? so wanted to join him, but there was a bit more algae in the fountain then my shudders could ignore.

  6. We both commented on the same time moments ago over there at David’s Authorblog, so I had to come check where in the world you were coming from. πŸ˜‰ Good that I came over, I love that duck photo! Such a clever bird. πŸ˜‰
    Best wishes,

  7. Merisi — welcome! I am not certain how to explain, but my camera has — supposedly — a 4x zoom, and pictures taken up to that point are wonderfully focused, but it will actually extend to 7x. Nothing past 4x focuses, no matter what tricks I try. I don’t know why it was built to over extend itself, because in the passion of shooting photos it doesn’t take much to accidently bump the zoom up a bit too far, and it will focus on the screen, but it doesn’t focus the image it saves. Is that clear as mud?

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