13 thoughts on “Contest Entry

  1. Brig — sorry, voting is done by the staff of Shutterbug.

    Polona — thank you! Did you go peek at it?

    Dr. John — thanks. I tried to contrast garbage and gorgeous.

    VE — Waianae, Hawaii on Oahu.

  2. These are so wonderful! I am sorry that the Project is ending but I will be starting another one very soon…Sunday to be exact! You up for it? Your shots are so good and I look forward to lots more!

  3. Melli — thank you. I have found another who agrees and wishes to buy the photo.

    Troy — – welcome and thanks!

    Polona — that was a rhetorical question!

    Lilli — – welcome and thanks!

    David — I look forward to your blog offerings everyday and wonder how difficult you’re going to make it to respond!

    Anna — I have put you on my blog reader. You’ve not seen the last of me!

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