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Coordinating All The Moves

Maddie is struggling with some of the finer points of potty training. She is having some issues with her clothing.  For instance, she pulls down her shorts, but not her panties.  Twice she has wet herself and been quite startled and upset about it — almost as though her underwear betrayed her.  If she does manage to remember to pull the panties down, she can’t seem to remember to pull them back up.  Then she duck walks because her pants won’t come all the way up either, but she can’t seem to figure out the problem.

Today though, she surpassed herself.  She is a fey little three year old and probably doesn’t weigh 25 pounds.  This morning while braced precariously on the toilet seat, she lifted her right hand to rub her nose — and splashed into the toilet bowl.  All I saw of her were hands, feet and huge eyes.  I fished her out expecting hysterics, but instead got giggles.

This afternoon on her last restroom stop of the day before going home, she tried to tell her momma about her frustrations, but with her limited vocabulary she could only point at the bowl and say, “Swim! Swim!”  Which, for some reason, Mommy didn’t want to do.

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  1. What a cute story!

    I meant to mention yesterday that I’d try to participate in your ABC project somewhere along the way. I’m going to visit my little grandbaby and don’t know yet how long I’ll be gone. I’m leaving on the first. I’ll check in when I get back and see how it’s going!

  2. LOL! Well… I’m glad she took that dip so well! I’m not sure I would have come out giggling! … but then… there’s NO chance of that happening to me… *sigh*

  3. By the way… Mom has “dressing issues” too… I didn’t discover her backward bra TODAY until AFTER she had been to the hairdresser! UGH! Wanted to kick myself!!! And then when I pointed it out to her she just laughed and said “I don’t know WHY I keep putting it on backwards!” … LOL! Duh!

  4. Thank you, Cooper!

    Carletta — I’d love to have you participate as you can.

    Melli — me, either! (Although I do wear my bra frontwards.)

    Uncle Joe — danged adults probably wouldn’t let you play in it. You know how they can be!

  5. She’s a bit smaller than Elijah, by the sounds of it. Do the children have child-sized toilets or do they have to perch on the regular-sized ones? I think she handled herself with grace, despite her rather ungraceful predicament.

  6. ah… poor kid! but you make it sound funny… glad she didn’t cry.
    an alternative swimming pool would be nice, though

  7. Mumma — she is tiny! Her bones are so slender that holding her hand makes me nervous, but she is one wild and rowdy kid. Every time she dives head first off the play ground equipment we all flinch, but she keeps on moving.

    Polona — I don’t think the school insurance is up for a swimming pool at the elementary level. We aren’t even allowed to take field trips to places where kids might have access to swimming.

  8. Too cute. I’ve watched Csilla contemplate scratching her nose while on the potty too, but luckily she thought better of it. Thank Goodness, because I probably would have been the one in hysterics had she fallen in!

  9. Betty — I try. Sometimes it takes longer to find the funny than others.

    Carolyn — Maddie is a bit afraid of the toilet, so I was very upbeat and silly about her dip, but I did NOT laugh at her (where she could hear or see me).

  10. Your job sounds like mine- never boring! I’m not so sure I would have been able to keep from laughing though when poor Maddie fell in.

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