21 thoughts on “U is For Under Wordless Wednesday

  1. And UP! The peacock is UP… and you were UNDER him…. sounds like a dangerous situation to me! I’m just SAYin’! πŸ˜‰

  2. After tomorrow you should have posted “for Wordless Wednesday” lol but you can still do it ! The peacock has wonderful colors !

  3. Oh I really like the second one a lot. The color on the face looks great. I can’t believe we’re almost done with this!

  4. Jiente — he does live in “our” garden — the garden called Makaha Valley. He is neither domestic or tame, but lives somewhere inbetween friendly handouts and nature’s bounty.

    Brian — naughty! It was wasted though because OC only reads my blog when it is about him.

    Melli — note my angle. I was quite safe. Mostly.

    Karen — many, many peacocks inhabit Makaha Valley. I know there are at least four full grown males because all saw all of them together on the main lawn (near the pool and the mail kiosk) one morning.

    Baba — so nice of you to pause and leave a personal message.

    Gattina — my W photo will be a shot of a very prosaic item.

    Jill — right now it is buried under gray skies and pouring rain.

    Mar — you deserved it!

    Juliana — 😑

    Brig — since he flew up there in an attempt to escape me and my stalking camera, I wasn’t too worried. He wanted nothing to do with me.

    Dr. John — thank you! And happy birthday, again.

    Reba — you are such a polite dog!

    Alice — I literally took hundreds just to get a few good ones.

    Jules — yes. The peacocks live on the grounds of two condo complexes, the golf course, and the resort here at the top of Makaha Valley.

    Robert — that vivid peacock blue seems to jump right off the screen, doesn’t it? I am both excited and sad about being finished. I need some breathing space, but I’m afraid my friends will all wander off and find better thingsd to do then visit me.

    Carletta — I was further away then zoom would lead you to believe. Honest.

  5. Hmmm, this is weird. I clicked on the Violin pictures to leave a comment but all of these comments seem to be about the peacock pictures. At any rate, nice capture for V as well.

  6. Andrew — thank you.

    Robert — you left a comment here a few days ago. You do remember that the comment button is BENEATH the title of the post, yes?

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