Punny Monday!

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Punny Monday

Punny Monday

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October 20, 2008, 8:26 a.m. Lisa — Limestone

October 20, 2008, 9:31 a.m. Melli — Limestone
October 20, 2008, 11:12 a.m. Holly — Limestone

Ella in Waikiki

Ella came to work with me today.  She charmed all of my coworkers in less than 10 seconds.

Ella on my desk.

Ella on my desk.

For lunch, Ella, the boss, and I went to The International Market Place.  It is only a few blocks from the office, but Ella’s legs are shorter than ours.  She needed to stop and rest.  Here she is resting among the Anthurium.

Ella sitting in the flower bed.

Ella sitting in the flower bed.

And here she is at the Market Place.  Most people come to this spot to watch the Koi.

People watching.

People watching.

Ella thought it was the perfect place to people watch.  I can’t believe how many people went out of their ways to come and talk with her today.  Ella is a regular chatterbox and she made friends left and right.

When we finally reached the food court, the Boss and I ordered Gyros.  Ella said she was in the mood for French Cuisine and returned to the table with this!

French Cuisine

French Cuisine

Creature Comforts for a Creature Who Loves Comfort

We spent the first night in our brand new bed and I slept like a baby.    OC says he did, too.  You have to know that’s quite amazing, because despite making Ella a comfy bed on a great big cushion, sometime in the middle of the night (typical kid)  she managed to squeeze between us.

Ella likes the big bed!

She likes the big bed!

In fact, though OC and I have been up for almost an hour, our lazy house guest is still a bed.  I suspect she’ll be up soon though, because I am on my way to making omelets for breakfast.  Ella has requested broccoli and spinach in hers.  Sounds good.

If you would like Ella to visit you, contact Melli at Insanity Prevails.  She is Ella’s legal guardian and travel agent.

Ella the Mattress Tester

So far, Ella’s favorite place in Hawaii seems to be my dining room table!  We had French Toast this morning and Ella devoured her’s — though she was seriously offended by the sausage on her plate and says she feels meat eating is barbaric.

The sarong becomes a bib!

The sarong becomes a bib!

Then Ella went with us into town where we signed the lease on our house, then went shopping.  Ella had a great time in Slumber World.  She bounced on ALL of the mattresses.  I was quite concerned and tried to stop her.  The sales guy didn’t mind.  He said they sold good quality beds and a few bounces from a baby elephant wouldn’t hurt them a bit.   I sure hope he’s right because OC bought one of those beds!

The land lady left a lovely dining room table set in the house.  She also left a glass end-table and a lovely crystal lamp.   Tomorrow we are picking up some lovely, very inexpensive dressers.  We’re furnishing the bedroom only.  The rest of the stuff can come from second hand stores or yard sales as we find things we like.  Ella likes the berber carpeting, so she completely agreed with that plan.

Ella lives in Maryland with Melli, but she is currently visiting Hawaii.  She might come and spend some vacation time with you, too, if you can convince Melli that you know how to care for and nurture an elephant.

Ella’s Gone Island

Less than three hours after I rescued her from the sweltering mailbox, Ella was wrapped in a sarong like any good Island Girl.  However, jet lag took it’s toll and she fell asleep almost before she finished the bushel of broccoli I gave her for dinner.

I was certain we wouldn’t see Ella again before breakfast, so I only dished up two bowls of ice cream, then I called OC to the table.  Ellie beat him to the chair.  I had no idea elephants could run that fast or jump that high!

Ellie reaching for OCs ice cream.

Ella reaching for OC's ice cream.

OC took the entire incident very well.  He likes Ella’s enthusiasm and zest for life — and food.