12 thoughts on “Name That Theme!

  1. Sauerkraut — obviously that was too easy! Should we try again with a more difficult photo?

    Brig — no pot with my fried green tomatoes, huh? What a downer.

  2. Actually, if we are going by the movie title, it’s Fried Green Tomatoes, not green fried tomatoes. I know, it’s the teacher in me.

  3. You know, Robert is correct and I never even noticed the difference! It must be the special ed in me ….

    Take a bow, Robert. I declare you the winner of the test practice for my new word/photo game called Monday Moods.

  4. Melli — it was up for all of 30 minutes last night before the second game. Within 5 minutes I had two winners. It was TOO EASY. You’ll love next weeks!

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