10 thoughts on “Neon Bleeds

  1. It is sad and gaudy, but it is what it is.

    I’ll put a table anywhere next to that swing for you to read on, if you want. đŸ™‚ You might want to wait until fall, unless you are allergic to mountain cedar and stuff. I was always so happy when the first cold front of the season came through and would open all the windows and doors until on time I noticed my nose had gotten all stopped up and my chest was sort of tight and you know..I just didn’t feel all that great…then I remembered that it happened about that time every year…then I went to the allergist.

    You and OC are welcome here anytime.

  2. I love the lines and angles here. And that green is really striking. Nice job. So you don’t have a project for us for in between Anna’s color projects this time??? Maybe I’ll think something up one of these days.

  3. Dr. John — neon gas is deadly, you know.

    JD — I took this shot from my hotel room. Those steps are in an alley neither you nor I would normally chose to walk down even in daylight.

    Amber — as you are welcome here — though unlike you I don’t have a fancy guest room. We’ll put you on the airbed in the spare room, and the ironing board and sewing machine can go put away for a change.

    Karen — thank you.

    Robert — my project is job hunting. Have to get off this couch and get busy!

  4. That is a brilliant shot in difficult light. You have captured the colour of the neon perfectly. The gloominess of the stairs is obvious.
    Loved the words with it too.

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