Say Cheese … Burger

Amoeba Burger I used to think that look in his eyes was for me, but after our two mile stroll down Kapiolani Blvd (from Kalakua to Ala Moana) in the heat, Amoeba greeted his burger and coke with a light of love in his eyes.   That’s a Blue Cheese Bacon Burger from Cheese Burger in Paradise.  It was yummy.


Here’s a close up of mine. That luscious onion ring atop the burger was not part of the presentation. We ordered a basket of the crunchy, golden beauties on the side. They were yummy, too.

There are a few things about Hawaii that we are going to miss.

Waikiki Is Going to The Birds

All I can say about Friday, our first day in Waikiki, is that it was totally for the birds!  There we were, walking down Kalakaua Avenue on our way to lunch and we came across these:

Waikiki parakeets

Two Parakeets in Waikiki

Their wings are clipped. They couldn’t fly so someone had to put them in that bush, which was in a planter, which sat in the middle of a busy Waikiki Sidewalk in front of a row of busy Waikiki Shops.

Parakeet finger


Amoeba said he doubted they’d stay there very long. The reason he said that was because no one emerged from the shops to watch or question us when Amoeba reached down and picked up one of the birds for a better photo op.


We continued our stroll and a couple of blocks later we encountered this lady:

parrott lady

A woman on Kalakaua Street in Waikiki. She has a Macaw on her shoulder and a Eclectus Parrot on her wrist.

She made Amoeba very happy. Can you tell?

Amoeba & parrots

Amoeba & Feathered Friends.

The blue bird is a Macaw. The white bird is a Cockatoo. The green bird is an Eclectus Parrot.

Me & parrots

My Feathered Friends & I.

I also held the pretty birds.

Us & parrots

Amoeba & I with 3 Feathered Friends

And we held the pretty birds together and the nice Bird Lady took our photo — and my $10.00 bill. 😉

An Elevator Car Named Desire

I was standing with a small crowd in the lobby waiting for one of the four elevators.  There was a “ding” and a light flashed above the door of elevator one, signaling its arrival.  We all turned to face the door and stepped forward — but not too close because there would be people inside wanting to get off.

The elvators doors opened.  The young couple inside were indeed trying to get off, but not off the elevator.   They leaped apart, which was a mistake since her shirt was completely unbuttoned and his watch band was tangled in her bra.   She shrieked and hid behind him.  He grabbed her bag and balanced it on the tent pole in his pants.  “Ugh, where are we?”  He asked the crowd at large.  A man behind me answered, “Looks like you’re just short of home plate.”

A.D.D. & Me Alive & Well in Wackiki

I have never been diagnosed with Attention Deficient Disorder, but ….

Today I drove my car to the Waikiki Shopping Plaza — as usual. I parked on the roof — as usual. I walked to the elevators and punched the down button — as usual. The freight elevator arrived first and I stepped into it – -this was only semi-usual. About 50% of the time I ride the other elevator. Still, upon stepping into the elevator I pushed the ground floor button — as usual.

The elevator stopped on the next floor. I held the doors open (hand over the edge) as a mail carrier and a cart full of packages boarded the elevator.  The doors closed and the elevator took us down to the next floor, where it stopped again.   I held the door while a lady in a wheel-chair boarded.

We all rode the elevator to the ground floor.   The doors opened — this, too is usual. I held the door while the lady maneuvered her wheelchair out.  I held the door while the mail carrier wheeled his cart full of packages out.  I held the door while a mother with an empty stroller and a walking toddler came in.  Then, just as the doors slid shut and the car started to rise, it occurred to me that something very unusual had happened, and  someone hadn’t exited the elevator on the ground floor.


I punched the button for the second floor, got off, and rode the escalator back down. Perhaps I have a heretofore latent desire to be an elevator operator?   Next floor Lost & Found. If there’s an attention span on the shelf, it probably belongs to me.