A Bit of Fluff

I was walking across the lawn — think huge, this is a large condo complex — and I came across this itty-bitty piece of peacock fluff.  Mostly it is white and frizzy, but on the tips of the very end is a bit of color — emerald treasure.  Peacock magic.

Peacock Down

Peacock Down

Did you know that Fairies weave their wedding clothes from the tips of peacock feathers?  In fact, every bride ever blessed by a fairy has had a dress of peacock down.  That is why in all fairy tale weddings, the couple always lives happily ever after, no matter what.

19 thoughts on “A Bit of Fluff

  1. I’m beginning to understand what it IS that draws me to the likes of you … and Dr. J… it is your great maker uppers! And of course, your heart and other things…

    That’s a magnificent feather!

  2. I love the picture of the pretty fluff, always wanted one of those birds….until one came to visit for a while, and I changed my mind rather quickly.

  3. Melli — I believe in magic.

    Amber — why thank you. [bows]

    OC — I don’t know where the feathers on our dresser came from. They just mysteriously appeared.

    Carletta — thank you.

    Jientje — yes.

    Jules — the world is a wonderful place.

    Polona — I have been sworn to secrecy.

    Holly — I’ve always expected that to be the case.

    Dr. John — you are an expert on elves; I am an expert on fairies.

    Shelly — was it the screaming or the huge piles of poop?

    Betty — oh to wear such a dress, if even for only a moment!

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