Land of The Giants

In any other part of the world, this philodendron would be a normal houseplant. In Hawaii …

People have been known to mysteriously disappear from this bench. No trace of them remains but the leather of their shoes, a few buttons, and their pocket contents.*

Philodendron, Fosters Botanical Garden, Oahu, Hawaii

Philodendron, Foster's Botanical Garden, Oahu, Hawaii

*I may have just made this rumor up.

12 thoughts on “Land of The Giants

  1. Those leaves are encroaching upon the bench pretty good. I guess it is all the fertilizer from the unwitting souls who stop there for a rest.

    I need to go water mine!

  2. Robert — you are a very brave fellow.

    Melli — OC — being OC — immediately told me that the plant aren’t people eating. I suppose dragons are as good an excuse as any.

    Carletta — gnomes just put people to sleep for 100 years. Shouldn’t there be quite a pile of folks behind that bench by now?

    Nea — I did!

    Polona — cute. Enjoy the garden. Avoid the bench.

    Mar — that’s a handy explanation, too.

    Amber — don’t get too close!

    Jules — shhhh! These people believe me!

    Holly — I agree.

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