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Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. OH WOW! Well… I didn’t catch one in flight! But I dO have a butterfly (or two) for Wednesday also! THAT is very well done Quilly! Were you using rapid fire???

  2. Mumma — this one amazed me, and I was there!

    Melli — no rapid fire. I took three shots as it fluttered about and this one came out well enough that one could tell it is a butterfly. The other two did not.

    Andrew — thank you.

  3. Wow Quilly what a treasure photo that you snapped. That is one of those times when God just smiles and says “here love”.

  4. Perfect shot for WW! My WS too is up hope you can drop by and I am asking for your help…. I was nominated for pinoyworld blog of the week, located at my side bar… Hope you can vote for me… Thanks a lot! Happy WW!

  5. Great photo, Quilly. I have always loved butterflies and used to collect anything butterfly. Would have gotten a butterfly tattoo one day but for Divine Intervention, haha.

  6. Baba — well go out to the bush and start taking pictures! We want to see!

    Bobbie — “flying flowers” — I like that.

    Jules — I like “God smiles”, too!

    Jientje — pure luck — I promise!

    Mar — thank you.

    PLOL — I’ll check it out.

    Indrani — thank you.

    Architect — thank you.

    Alice — butterflies should be free, not drilled into your body.

    Reba — as long as you didn’t catch it!

  7. This must be butterfly day! It’s hard enough to catch one sitting still much less in flight. You did good!

  8. Amazing capture. Not only is the butterfly in flight, but over water. To catch it from above you must have either been standing on a high bank, or have climbed the tree.

  9. Nea — you would have enjoyed the shot of me running up and down the street in butterfly zig-zags trying to capture this photo.

    Sandy — thank you. It was pure luck.

    Leora — so do I, and it was purely accidental!

    Dot — it must be a butterfly day, indded. I have seen several so far — all of them stunning (and in much better focus than mine).

    Mary T — thank you. It was pure luck.

    Mojo — no, no, this isn’t Wordless Wednesday!

    Judi — thank you. It was pure luck.

    Debatuer — — thank you. It was pure luck.

    Carver — thank you. It was pure luck.

    Jeremiah — trust me, skill had nothing to do with it. I was so frustrated with that butterfly by the time I captured this photo, that I think God must have taken pity on me!

    Randall — it isn’t over water, but it is over a ravine. I was on a bridge near our condo complex. I ran up and down it for about 40 minutes trying to photograph that damn ADHD butterfly. It wouldn’t be still for more than a second at a time!

    Carletta — yes, Melli’s butterflies are much more magnificent, but hers sat STILL! I say she cheated!

  10. Wow! What an awesome shot! I love the context he/she is in too. So small but so magnificent amidst his/her surroundings. Cool photo.

  11. Raven — thank you. She is pretty small when compared to the tree and the mountain.

    Lilac — thank you. I feel pretty “cool” about this pic.

    Doug — 🙂

    Amber — can you teach me how to leave sweet comments? I’ve not been doing so well lately.

    PLO – It was an observation not an insult. You asked me to push a button and vote. Nowhere did it say what I was voting for, or who your opponents were. For all I know, you could have been asking me to drop a bomb on San Francisco. I declined. It seemed sensible at the time — and given further consideration, still does.

    Polona — that’s what I thought. OC said, “It’s blurry.” I said, “It’s a butterfly in flight and I can tell it’s a butterfly in flight!”

  12. Nice capture! I can’t see one of that kind without remembering the summer we went out and found over a hundred of the monarch caterpillars, put them in screened pens, fed them and kept them till the butterflies hatched from the cocoons.
    I noticed your Ruby Tuesday entry- that looks like a fun thing to participate in- I’m going to try and remember to do one next week.
    Also, where did you get the comment script thing in your sidebar? I found one somewhere, but I really like yours better.

  13. that’s just AWESOME. nice one quilly.

    oh, and the letter ‘q’ thing was just me being silly. next time i will choose ‘x’. . .

  14. I love what you said on my blog tonight! 🙂
    Yes, it’s been so long and I don’t know why. It’s template is from the same group that my poetry blog’s is from, but it has never had problems.
    (I love Diet Dr. Pepper, too. 🙂

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