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Airports, Bridges, Love and Incredible Luck

Baggage Carousel

Baggage Carousel

OC is back from SF! Yay! I went to the airport this afternoon to pick him up. He arrived safe and sound (well, perhaps just a tad bit frayed). His luggage did not arrive at all. We hurried to the baggage claim counter to file a report. We were there for quite sometime. I mostly stood quietly while OC talked.

Finally, report filed, we turned to leave and I picked up OC’s cornet (he’d taken it as carry-on) and OC grabbed his briefcase … which is about the time that I realized my purse was missing. Simultaneously, I saw it on the bench where I’d left it — and two nervous security guards were standing over it.

I stepped up to them, grabbed my purse, and slung it over my shoulder. One of the security guards asked if it was mine. I assured him that it was and asked him if he wanted to search it. He told me he had. Then he asked me to name the contents. I told him it held a digital SLR Nikon camera and a Kim Harrison novel. He relaxed and thanked me for being patient.

He thanked me! I figure I have to be the luckiest idiot on the face of the planet! I thanked him.

Here are some of the pictures that were in the camera:

A view of the Sky Bridge connecting the parking garage and the terminal.


This shot is from looking out one Sky Bridge and finding yet another.

Sky Bridge


This is the inside of the Sky Bridge looking from the terminal back toward the parking garage.

Sky Bridge
Sky Bridge

This is the inside of the Sky Bridge looking from the terminal back toward the parking garage.

Elevated Freeway (Hawaii 1)
Elevated Freeway (Hawaii 1)

When Alice wanted bridges, I didn’t have the time to get a picture of the elevated freeways — then today I realized that the airport is the exact perfect place to do so! Look close, there are three different levels shown here. On Oahu one can drive for miles elevated highways.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. first!!!

    wow. totally lucky on the purse thing. that could have been gone SOO SOO quickly. some lucky honolulu person has my first passport.

  2. Wow! You are very lucky. Not only that you found it, but that everything was still there, AND that you didn’t cause a major “incident” with the bomb sniffers.

    That worries me though. The contents of my purse are so unremarkable that I don’t know if I’d get it back. lol I was trying to picture what I’d tell them, and the best thing I could come up with was that there might be a mascara, but I couldn’t remember which brand. That’s not going to get me my purse back.

  3. In all my travels this past week, I kept trying to get shots of the elevated freeways too… none of them came out acceptable. THAT is a good one! (I kept picturing a 50 car pile up on 495 caused by precious me trying to “get that shot”!) OY!

    Your airport pics are great! I just have one question… How much does it cost you to get everyone else in the airport to get OUT OF THE WAY so you can get these pristine shots??? NO ONE in the baggage area? NO ONE on the bridge??? I thought Hawaii was a POPULAR place!!!

  4. wow, lucky you with your purse and especially to have your man back! 🙂

    these are great shots… love the lines and the angles and… everything!

  5. LOVE the inside skybridge! – like polona says lines, and angles…great job.
    I fear finding your purse was sheer blessings from above. I had to smile when you noted the guard had already searched it. At least he did that before calling the sniffing squad – what a post that would have been!

  6. Always interesting to see things from another person’s world. I live in a big city (by UK standards) yet all your pictures make it look so small. Language is different too, your purse over here would be called a handbag.

  7. Oh my gracious if you had lost those shots of bridges it would have been catastrophic! But did you have any pictures of DOORS? 🙂

    So glad your purse was being guarded by two security officers…and they thought to ask you what was in it. I wonder what you would have thought had your looked up to see them going through your purse. *hugs*

    We are watching the tv to see which way Gustav goes. They were saying earlier it might get all the way up here. And I’ve been cleaning today to get the dust down some in case kids need a port in the storm. Some of mine live on the Gulf coast.

  8. Argh – I HATE when I forget that I’ve logged into the wordpress site. That’s me above – and here below with the correct credentials… sorry.

  9. I like that elevated freeway. I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like it.
    For a minute I thought you were going to tell us your purse was involved in a controlled explosion! Glad you got it back safe. Glad OC is back safe.

  10. Oh my gosh Quilly, obviously you don’t have that reacurring nightmare of losing your purse that I have. Even when mine is tucked under my arm I am still nervous I am going to lay it down and forget it. Do you know if you were traveling and lost it, I don’t think you could even continue on, they ask to see your drivers license so many times.

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