Brain Freeze x2

I was asked to run the church’s brand new audio-visual equipment for our second Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (more about that here — The Christmas Party).  I practiced, and I practiced, and I marveled over the state-of-the-art equipment and the primo presentation software.  I knew what I was doing and I was all set to go.  Sylvia had stressed to me how important it was to stay focused, and I already knew a bit about that because I often ran the A/V stuff at Heritage UMC in Vegas.

I was diligent.  Everything from “Welcome” to Pastor’s sermon went smooth as silk.  During Pastor’s sermon the screen goes dark, and I managed to listen to the message and still be ready for my cue to bring the Nicene Creed up for Communion.  After the Nicene Creed, when Communion was actually being served and the music team was playing, the screen goes dark again.

When it was time for the screen to come up again, I was Janey-on-the spot.  As is common in many churches, we ended the Candlelight service in candlelight and singing Silent Night.  It is a wonderful tradition and I love it.  Despite being at the controls I stood and sang the first verse along with everyone else in the sanctuary.  As singers we moved on to the second verse, but the screen did not change!  I frowned.  What on earth was wrong with the system?  Not now, I thought.  And then it dawned on me that the only thing wrong with the equipment was that the operator hadn’t pushed the “next” button.  Oops.  That’s me! PUSH!

Sunday Sylvia was still off-island visiting her family, and the Pastor’s wife was to operate the machine.  We’d trained together and before the service she went over everything with me again.  She was set and I knew she would do a good job because she’s one of those competent people that make the most challenging things seem easy.

The “Welcome” screen came up right on time and remained up during the pre-service messages.  Then the praise music started.  Everyone stood, the Praise Band started the first song … and the welcome sign remained on the screen.  I looked over my shoulder.  No one was in the audio-visual booth.  Oh-oh.

I figured that the pastor’s wife, because she is the pastor’s wife, was called away on an urgent duty and hadn’t gotten back in time.  I stood and made my way to the back of the church.  Halfway down the isle I see the PW standing off to the side at the back.  She flashed me a bright smile and waved.

I know I looked at her like she was nuts. I pointed at the screen where the welcome sign still glowed.  She did the Macaulay Culkin “Home Alone” Face Slap and then ran for the A/V booth.  I chuckled my way back to my seat.  After church was over we both decided it wasn’t so bad not being perfect if we could be not-perfect together.

Our Brains Have Melted

It’s hot here on Oahu — hot and humid and exhausting.   Most private homes in Hawaii aren’t air conditioned.   Usually the wind blows and provides all the air conditioning we need, but lately the breeze doesn’t blow in until sundown.  I guess it’s spending its summer out on the ocean with the tourists.

Sunday after church when we were sitting here sweltering in our chairs, Amoeba suggested an excursion to our friendly neighborhood bulk foods store where we could do our shopping and cool off at the same time.  I was up for that.  He closed the back door.  I closed the kitchen door and off we went.

At the store we paused in the pharmaceutical isle to discuss the merits of purchasing my allergy pills in 50 count there, or 20 count at the drug store.  The 50 count purchase price was higher by only a few dollars, so we decided the cheaper course was to buy the 50.

When we got home we made two discoveries — First,  neither of us actually picked up a package of the allergy pills and put them in the cart.  Second, we’d left the front door wide open.  When we left the house, Amoeba closed and locked the back door.  I closed and locked the door that leads to the carport.  Neither of us closed or locked the living room door.  ADT Security would not be thrilled with customers like us!

We discussed the missing allergy pills.  We discussed the open front door.  We discussed the state of our “pay attention”.  Then we decided it was still way too hot, so we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner.  Afterward, we stopped by the regular grocery store to purchase perishables and discuss — at some length — the merits of the green beans verses Brussels sprouts.  We decided to buy the green beans.

Upon returning home, I got out of the car and reached for my house keys — and had a vivid memory of leaving them on the dining room table right by the front door.  That’s when I had another memory.  I walked around the house and went in the front door, which still hadn’t been closed or locked.

And at this point – -if you’ve read this far — you’re not going to be at all surprised to learn that tonight while preparing dinner, I searched and searched the fridge  (and even a couple of cupboards) looking for those fresh green beans, which somehow never made it into our shopping cart.

Automatic Answering System Upgrade

It has been several days since He last shaved.  She is enjoying his beard and likes to rub his face.  He was trying to read.  She was curled up next to him and reached up to rub his check.  He chuckled.

She said, “I know you think I’m an idiot -”

He made a sound of agreement.  She didn’t finish her sentence and just sat there staring at him.

His gazed stopped moving across the page.  A look of shock crossed his face and He turned to her. “Uh-”

Acting indignant, she exclaimed, “You think I’m an idiot!”

His eyes bulged.  He opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water, but no sounds emerged.

She cracked up laughing.  “I know you were reading and not listening to me,” She said.   “But you really need to stock your automatic answering system with more generic sounds — or you could start paying attention.”

“Ugh,” He said, and turned back to his book.

Airports, Bridges, Love and Incredible Luck

Baggage Carousel

Baggage Carousel

OC is back from SF! Yay! I went to the airport this afternoon to pick him up. He arrived safe and sound (well, perhaps just a tad bit frayed). His luggage did not arrive at all. We hurried to the baggage claim counter to file a report. We were there for quite sometime. I mostly stood quietly while OC talked.

Finally, report filed, we turned to leave and I picked up OC’s cornet (he’d taken it as carry-on) and OC grabbed his briefcase … which is about the time that I realized my purse was missing. Simultaneously, I saw it on the bench where I’d left it — and two nervous security guards were standing over it.

I stepped up to them, grabbed my purse, and slung it over my shoulder. One of the security guards asked if it was mine. I assured him that it was and asked him if he wanted to search it. He told me he had. Then he asked me to name the contents. I told him it held a digital SLR Nikon camera and a Kim Harrison novel. He relaxed and thanked me for being patient.

He thanked me! I figure I have to be the luckiest idiot on the face of the planet! I thanked him.

Here are some of the pictures that were in the camera:

A view of the Sky Bridge connecting the parking garage and the terminal.


This shot is from looking out one Sky Bridge and finding yet another.

Sky Bridge


This is the inside of the Sky Bridge looking from the terminal back toward the parking garage.

Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge

This is the inside of the Sky Bridge looking from the terminal back toward the parking garage.

Elevated Freeway (Hawaii 1)

Elevated Freeway (Hawaii 1)

When Alice wanted bridges, I didn’t have the time to get a picture of the elevated freeways — then today I realized that the airport is the exact perfect place to do so! Look close, there are three different levels shown here. On Oahu one can drive for miles elevated highways.

Reflect This — Sky Watch

A Patch of Sky

A Patch of Sky

What I like most about this image isn’t the patch of tree and sky in the rear view mirror, but the same scenery reflected in the chrome.  The bike belongs to my neighbor, a young lady who uses it to take her back and forth to college.  Did you know that, My First Car Was a Motorcycle?  Yep.  True story.

The concept for Sky Watch came from Dot and if you want to join up or to see other Sky Watch photos, please visit Sky Watch, a dedicated site for this growing meme, kindly hosted by Tom at Wigger’s World, Sandy Carlson from Writing in Faith and imac from imac’s photos from the mind’s eye.