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I slept soundly last night — of course, according to OC, I sleep soundly every night!  However, snoring isn’t today’s issue.  I slept soundly last night, and woke this morning a bit stiff and sore from having stayed too still all night.  My brain seemed to be a bit stiff and sore, too.  I just couldn’t get all my parts working at par.

It was time to go to work and  I couldn’t for the life of me find my house keys.  As a rule they can be found on top of the microwave, on the kitchen counter, in my purse, or in the pocket of whatever I last had on. Unfortunately this morning the rules had been broken and nobody saw fit to inform me.  (Blithly ignoring the fact that I am likely the one who broke them.)

Finally, I decided to lock myself out of the house and go to work.  Then I’d either have to wait to come home when OC did,or go by his office and pick up his key.  Out the door I went — and there were the keys, hanging in the door knob — right where I’d left them when I’d come home from work yesterday afternoon.


  1. I don’t have a problem with house keys don’t use them. I do have the problem with car keys. I try to put them in the desk drawer but often leave them in coat pocket.I remember that I have left the house keys in the door when we first moved here and were locking our door.

  2. I could have done the same, lol ! It happens very often that I misplace my keys in the most impossible places. Once on the (closed) toilet seat !

  3. Betty is constantly misplacing her car keys. She thinks it is because she is getting old. When she reads your blog today she will feel better.

  4. Well here’s how I do it:
    no locks on the house
    keys left in the car all the time

    Yup, life is simple sometimes! Of course we have big dogs and live in the middle of nowhere… but during hunting season we do have some excitement and I wish my house had locks!

    BTW, I am not seeing any pictures on this blog, is it me or is there something missing?

  5. That has happened to me before too!
    I once left the house and drove off, and when I came home that night, I saw that my front door was open. WIDE open, as open as open could be! Now that’s scary I tell you!

  6. Betty — it has been years since I lived where it wasn’t necessary to lock doors.

    Gattina — I bet that left you with a flush of embarrassment.

    Cath — I knew I wasn’t the only nut — and thanks for the compliment.

    Melli — well, OC was saying that he’d like to meet more of them.

    Dr. John — but am I not forgetting because I am getting older?

    Carletta — actually, when I told OC I’d misplaced my keys, before I could tell him where I’d found them, he said, “You left them in the door knob, didn’t you?”

    Juliana — I seem to do it at least once in every house I live in. I think it is a necessary ritual.

    Rachelle — it’s you. No one else has complained about missing photos.

    Jientje — that happened to me once, too — and I lived in a very scary neighborhood. The neighbor lady sat at her window all day and watched my house. She scolded me when I got home. I finally got the latch fixed — then locked myself out!

  7. I’ve been known to leave the keys in the door as well. The best one is putting the TV Remote in the Fridge and not remembering and searching for the remote all day.

  8. We sleep with side doors open every so often, but the front door is always locked…!
    Congratulations on your own domain, I am so proud of you, I can hardly stand it!!!

  9. Quilly, at first I was wondering if perhaps Ella Phlint had taken your keys as a souvenir of her time with you. I’m glad that you found them… right where I have found mine a time or two as well. Haha. Good thing it was us that found them and not a stranger. It’s rare anyone comes here, so in truth I could likely leave the doors unlocked and not worry… but prefer to lock in this day and age.

  10. Bill — I’ve not done that yet, but once I put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge.

    Mar — it was our side door. The door from the car port. The closest door to the road. Our front door is always locked. No one uses it!

    Shelly — if I said something like that, even in jest, I’d be certain to do it — immediately even!

    Alice — OC was a bit snippy about the fact that somebody could have come in and robbed us blind. I’m still trying to figure out what we have that is of any great value. This is not a house I would risk robbing — 17 inch TV, two older laptops, neither in good condition, an ancient microwave. No jewelry …. Heck, we don’t even have furniture! If a thief broke in here he’d be most apt to feel sorry for us and leave money!

  11. Oh I have done that, too. I have trouble keeping up with my car keys. It seems we should have a specific place to put them, but somehow they get all over the place.

  12. LOL… now that is sad. I can see it now… you go off to work and when you come home that night, as you walk into your new home, you find it fully furnished, new appliances, new laptops, etc. Someone broke in and felt sorry for you, so came back and left stuff instead of taking it.

  13. Alice — I wouldn’t mind trying to live with the shame of that! Oh. Maybe I would! Where did all that new stuff come from?

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