I slept soundly last night — of course, according to OC, I sleep soundly every night!  However, snoring isn’t today’s issue.  I slept soundly last night, and woke this morning a bit stiff and sore from having stayed too still all night.  My brain seemed to be a bit stiff and sore, too.  I just couldn’t get all my parts working at par.

It was time to go to work and  I couldn’t for the life of me find my house keys.  As a rule they can be found on top of the microwave, on the kitchen counter, in my purse, or in the pocket of whatever I last had on. Unfortunately this morning the rules had been broken and nobody saw fit to inform me.  (Blithly ignoring the fact that I am likely the one who broke them.)

Finally, I decided to lock myself out of the house and go to work.  Then I’d either have to wait to come home when OC did,or go by his office and pick up his key.  Out the door I went — and there were the keys, hanging in the door knob — right where I’d left them when I’d come home from work yesterday afternoon.