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I Got Nothing

Once upon a time I used to be funny and creative.  I had a million stories and could entertain for hours.  Anymore I sit and stare, glassy-eyed, at the computer screen and think … nothing.  Nothing.

Maybe it is because Ella left me.  With her around I didn’t have time to think, only react.  I need a project or a cause or something to ignite my imagination.  Maybe all I need is for the rain to stop.  The skies are glum and so am I.

Yesterday Photobucket wouldn’t cooperate with me, so you didn’t get the picture of The Boss to go with my announcment of her new blog.  I know you all wanted to see that.

Today I spent the day at the Church Bazaar and it wasn’t really — bizarre, I mean.  It was pretty normal — crafts, food, fun, silliness.  For some reason there was a lot of silliness wherever I was.  Maybe that’s why I am so tired now.

And we’re having a cold snap.  Last night I had to dig a blanket out of the cupboard and put it on the bed.  That’s just not fair.

Good night.  Perhaps I’ll have more energy tomorrow and be better able to tell you the story of today.


  1. Yessss… TIRED takes the wind right out of our sails! Did I tell you about the WEDNESDAY of the week I met the Blogger Babes in Savannah? I had a complete BURNOUT! It was awful! I am an UP person by nature – but NO ONE (not EVEN me) can be “on” full time! But I was trying to be – because I figured they just expected it. Well… it didn’t work. I CRASHED and crashed HARD! I ended up in TEARS and apologizing because I just COULDN’T go OUT and BE PEPPY one more day in a row!!! Turned out they all felt the same way, but they just didn’t feel the same pressure I did. So we all just stayed home and laughed and giggled and had a quiet good time together — which was all we really WANTED to do anyway! And that’s my long drawn out version of how to say – You don’t ALWAYS have to be ON Quilly. We (at least I) will LOVE you no matter what you bring here! Just come. (when you can of course!)

  2. Same, same! I ran into one of my blogger buddies at lunch the other day…I told her “I got nothin”. I’ve decided that the election stuff is all so distracting and negative that it’s sucking a lot of energy that would normally be available for creative persuits. I’m agitated about the election but I don’t want to be another politial-blaster-blogger.

  3. Melli — I love that story! I was on all day yesterday at the Bazaar. Then I went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, washed the dishes and sat down to post … and found my reserves empty.

    Brian — why thank you. How sweet. (I’ll pay you later!)

    Tina — if I had the thoughts to write a novel, I could probably manage a post.

    Shelly — I’ve quit reading a lot of blogs because I am just not into the bashing. My current opinion of all of the candidates is extremely low.

  4. i understand all too well. blogging should above all be fun and… oh well, who am i trying to convince… stories will come if and when you are ready. meanwhile, don’t worry about it and take care 🙂

  5. Ups and downs are part of living. We love the ups and wish the downs would go away. But we just aren’t made to be up all the time or creative all the time. You are more creative than most and I am sure that hasn’t gone away.

  6. Juliana — I do have some creativity going, but I am not ready to showcase it yet. The new year has a surprise in store!

    Cath — rest. Yes ma’am. You coming over to do the dishes?

    Dr. John — that’s a better sermon than we got today. Our District Superintendent preached at us today about why no young people come to church. His sermon lasted 45 minutes. In it he told us we were boring and old fashioned. Oooooooooookay.

  7. I know what you mean about energy – mine has been gone for some time now. maybe it’s spreading around the world! I hope you get it back soon!
    by the way- “Church Bazaar and it wasn’t really — bizarre” and you say you can’t say anything funny? 🙂

  8. Betty — I seem to be needing more rest than I used to.

    Andrew — I will be dead before I am incapable of a wise crack, but I just can’t seem to formulate an anecdote.

    Rachelle — certainly. Tomorrow. Or the day after. If my energy returns. Right now sleep seems the better choice — and since I just had a full night’s repose, you can see that my energy stores are depleted!

  9. I know you don’t think so, but it is wonderful to get rain and to need a blanket. We are in another drought and it is hot again.
    I just enjoyed feeling a little damp and chilly reading your story. Hope you are rested now and feeling better and the sun is shining in the very blue skies like it is here….and it is warm for yoyou again. 🙂

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