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  1. Honestly! If there is sOMething to be layed on, they will lay on it! Big Kitty drives me nuts! Pizza delivery comes, I put the boxes on the table so I can sign the slip… and by the time I do, Kitty is laying on the boxes! LOL! She/He is cuuute!

  2. Carletta — if OC hadn’t taken down his blog, I would point you to his “Wild Cats of Manoa” post. A good number of feral cats live on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. Most of them have been captured and neutered or spayed, then returned to the campus. You will find water and food dishes in the more sheltered court yards and groups of cats nearby.

    There are five or six cats that hang out near OC’s office. They tolerate me sitting in their court yard as long as I move slowly and don’t get too close. Quick moves or any attempts to coax them near meet with rebuff in the form of disappearing cat. Some of them are more skittish than others.

    Melli — well, the pizza boxes are warm!

    Shelly — uhm, yes — and see my comment to Carletta, which probably should have been my post.

  3. Cats make the most of whatever they have. You should have seen our cat cuddled up in all the pillows on the porch swing the other day. She kept that bed for a few days. 🙂

  4. It is so sad that any cat/dog has no home. That any human or domestic animal is homeless is, for lack of a better word, sad. And that sadness goes deeper. I sit here in my armchair with my ‘critters’ around me, and I am so grateful for each and every one of them, grateful too that I am able to give them each a good, safe, loving home.

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