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It’s me.  I am a weird neighbor magnet.  Wherever I go, there they are.  The child next door — either the ten year old or the 45 year old — is a die-hard Jackson Five fan and I have been listening to, “One More Chance,” nightly for two weeks.  If you see me sporting a polyester blouse and matching headband, teased hair, platform shoes and striped bell-bottom jeans, you’ll know I went off the deep end.


  1. LOL! Amen to IntricateGirl! Perhaps we could move them UP an era or something… maybe you could introduce Billy Jean… or Thriller… or… well… it doesn’t really matter now does it? Have OC take his trumpet out and sit on the porch and pretend like he doesn’t KNOW how to play – but he WANTS to!

  2. IG — when I’m sane, I agree, but that song keeps transporting me back to the 70’s!

    Melli — I’ll introduce them to Beat It while I do so to their CD player, how’s that?

    Bill — you’re a big help!

    Juliana — no. If I were wearing ear plugs I’d still be sitting here with nothing to post.

  3. Dr. John — obviously not before I.

    Jientje — yes! A person could break an ankle — or her neck!

    Cath — at least you didn’t ask me to “just give’m one more chance.”

    VE — I should have known.

  4. Silver — I asked OC if we could buy them a new CD. He said that in order for them to like it, it would probably have to be something equally annoying in repetition. Sure enough, “ABC” is what came to mind.

  5. Have patience…they will grow up or get over whatever it is that is causing them to play it all the time. In the meantime…try to go with the flow. You are the one who lives in Hawaii.

    We have had some uber weird neighbors and at times have been the weird neighbors. One neighbor had two dobermans that began barking as soon as she left for work everyday and stopped the instand she returned. I was very happy when those dogs crossed the rainbow bridge…and NO I had nothing to do with it. She has moved now and the people who moved in have a bunch of kids who play music and have a trampoline in the yard.

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