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  1. You can make gorgeous pictures when it rains. The one you published proves it! If there is something we know about in belgium, it would be rain!

  2. Oh HOW I wish that OUR white stuff was like YOUR white stuff! For now we just get WET stuff though… white will come later!

  3. i would take your white suff over ours any time.

    but in spite of near winter the temperatures here are extremely high – for this time of year. a couple of days ago we hit the low 70s too (21C)

  4. Great photo. I think it’s just fall, not winter.

    It is beautiful here right now. Of course, I’m very sure that it is beautiful in Hawaii all year ’round. *sigh* I do love the snow and winter, BUT, I want to see Hawaii before I croke.

  5. Jientje — water is a promise of life. Belgium will live long and never be thirsty.

    Melli — we’re having lots of wet stuff and gray skies.

    Pauline — thank you.

    Jeanette — thank you.

    Juliana — global warming?

    Carletta — I expected every one to call me on that!

    TLP — OC says it isn’t even officially fall since the Frangipani trees are still in bloom and their leaves have not even begun to fall. Even so, the average daily temperature has dropped by three degrees and that signifies big change!

  6. Hahaha… oh Quilly, “white stuff” in Hawaii!! How different that is than “white stuff” in Canada. Someday, maybe I will be able to come spend a week or two in Hawaii, to visit you as well as to enjoy your “white stuff” as I get away from my own. Oh… come to think of it, that would never happen, though maybe I can come in spring or fall. I never leave home when it’s too cold or too hot… my ‘critters’ need me more then. Sigh.

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