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Me! Me! Me! Oh, And Them, Too.

It is Sunday Roast day at Authorblog, and I am the roastee. Since you all love me, go see. And while you’re there, look around a bit. You just may learn to love David, too!

Today is also Wordzzle day! Every Saturday Raven hosts a super fun creative writing word challenge called (surprise) Raven’s Saturday Wordzzle Challenge. My contributions can be seen in the post below. Read mine. Read everybody’s. Then join the fun and write your own!


  1. The Vanity challenge was my favorite! Yes, I can see the air gasping trout-men now. Enjoyed your roast and learning more about you. And who wouldn’t love David? He introduces us to so many fine folk!

  2. I loved reading your “roast”. OC’s special poem and your amazing and humbling story of the man in the alley and you submitting to God’s voice…..thank you for sharing these. Thank yuo for being so transparent.

  3. Quilly ~ Congrats on the Interview, or Roast as you call it. Somehow it isn’t the same as the ones Dino had with his regular roasters on his show. “Never got a Dinner” I think Red Buttons was one of his best regulars.

    PS, did you get a dinner?

    A Wonderful Blessed Sunday for you and OC.

  4. Pauline — you talking to me?!

    Sandi — finding David’s blog has enriched my life in many ways.

    Cath — doesn’t matter. That you left a comment is what’s most important.

    Jules — God helps me write those stories, just like he helps me live them.

    Bill — I am just as happy to have been tenderly roasted, thanks. Although even though I was kindly and painlessly roasted, I didn’t get a dinner!

    Maggie — thanks for coming by.

  5. Just wanted to say a little hello from Egypt where I enjoy 86 °F palmtrees and beach ! I will write about it when I am a little more organized, I just arrived yesterday !
    Internet works like at home !

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