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  1. Bill — isn’t it though?

    Dr. John — my house looks a bit boxy, but it has great windows. Living here I have the security of walls and a roof, yet the open air feel of being outside. I love it.

    Lisa — I suspect you know I’m bragging and not complaining. 😉

  2. And some of us simply get cooked for…

    You know, I have ANOTHER friend who’s in Hawaii right now… on the island of Meowi… she has a time share. She has written me and asked if she puts together a women’s week (or two or three) would I be interested in saving my pennies and being a part of it! (this is one of my Monday night Bible study friends… ) I assured her that if she gets a bunch of Christian women together to spend a few weeks in Hawaii, I’M IN!!! And I’m reckoning I would have to jump some puddles to get to Oahu… but you know… THAT could happen!!!

  3. I am so envious of your location and I have never been to H.
    I hope for sunsets over trees (and want the phone lines to move…)… these are lovely! You’re talented even w/ the “travel” views within easy view.

  4. Mar — thank you. We marytars need to stick together.

    Melli — Maui to Oahu is a three hour ferry ride. I’ll be waiting at the dock to pick you up — or, I could come over and do a day trip with you — or both!

    Gel — thanks, but looking at the work of my betters — like you — I can plainly see I have a long, long way to go!

    Oh my God , and I can hear others complaining as well!!! Lisa? ???
    That’s a freaking bird/bug/wildlife paradise you got there right under your nose!
    Mar!! I don’t know, but I don’t think you’d trade places with me, over here in that grey dreary rainy Belgium!
    Oooohh! Some people!!!!
    I’ll tell you one thing, I’ll never say never. Who knows, maybe one day, Melli and I will be on your doorstep! SURPRISE!!!Keep it up girl!

  6. Jientje — I know the week is young yet, but so far this comment is my fave! You curled my grin from ear to ear and even earned a chuckle outloud.

    Juliana — better be quick cuz we’re returning that empty condo to the rental agent come January 31st.

    Andrew — yep.

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