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A Sharing Time

So, Melli and I are starting an online Bible Study if anybody is interested.  Melli will be our group facilitator, but we will all be leading and learning together.  If you are interested, we’ve decided to do a Beth Moore study on Daniel.

Here is an Amazon link:  Daniel: Lives of Integrity; Words of Prophecy

I just ordered my book. It won’t be here for 10 days or so.  Other than the topic, we haven’t laid out the particulars yet.  Join us.  It’ll be fun.


  1. Yep! I’ve ordered my book and the leaders guide as well — I know I’LL need it even if no one else does! LOL! Over the weekend I will put together a message board where we can “meet” and have out discussions! It will be GREAT! I hope LOTS of people come!

  2. Is this the lions den Daniel? I looked on Amazon (no info on that there) and the review said you really need the video or something else to go with the workbook,etc. I’ll let you guys summarize it for me, k? 😉

    If Melli and Quilly both have the leader’s guide who will order the learner’s guide? 🙂

  3. Amber — yes, it is Daniel from the lion’s den. The review said the video was helpful, not necessary. (Keep in mind it is also the personal opinion of just one woman.) Also, as a rule leader’s guides do not have “answers” in them. They have topics for discussion and other helpful information to guide thinking and group interaction. Plus, the leader’s guides are auxiliary, the study book is still required.

    AND — I am sure you will be welcome on our study site whether or not you buy the book. You just might find yourself a little lost in the discussion sometimes.

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