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  1. Hey, I think being able to prioritize is a really GOOD thing. And I think a shower is at the top of the list, and then of course work, blogging can wait.


  2. Hope you had a good day despite the late start. I enjoyed looking at Rabbit island. Interesting about bunnies being unwelcome. I have bunnies in my back yard from time to time but haven’t seen them lately.

  3. Cath — Ellie is in Texas causing Texas-sized mischief!

    Dr. John — sit down this will shock you — OC seems to think that if I’m sleeping, I must need the sleep. Not only that, he thinks sleeping is more important than blogging!

    Mumma — it really isn’t as if you could smell me all the way from your house. Uhm — can you?

    Nea — blogging can wait! I feel faint ….

    Raven — bunnies are welcome at my house — in the frying pan.

    Andrew — tsk, tsk.

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