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Red Light

So I leave work, I have plenty of time, I’m not in a hurry, and I’m driving down McCully Street.  The traffic light turns red so I stop.  That’s what you’re supposed to do at a red light, right?  Stop. [Nods head.]

I did.  I stopped.  I looked right.  I looked left.  I looked right again, and then I went.  About halfway through the intersection it dawned on me that that is not what one is suposed to do at a red light.  Thank heavens there were no pedestrians.  No cars speeding down the side-street barreling toward the intersection, and no cops.

I am in serious need of a new attention span.  I wonder if Santa could deliver it before Christmas — or the next intersection — whichever comes first?!


  1. ROFLMAO! Oh Quilly, I can sooo relate to this story. If you find a new attention span, or any new memory cells, please PLEASE let me know where so I can get some too!!

    Uhhh, where was I? Hmmmmm…

  2. That is so funny! It reminds me of that scene in “The Mexican” where Brad Pitt is stopped at the intersection and there are NO vehicels for miles either way until he inches out. Lay off the blue stuff and your attention span will improve 😉

  3. Oh my goodness. That God you were okay. I sure know that feeling. One day I sat at the red light in the straight left lane and when the Left Arrow turn changed to green….I went. And it just happened to be a day that I was discussing the appropriateness of driving rules with my son who had just gotten his drivers permit.

  4. Thank goodness you’re OK. I did something like that once a few years ago. I was going up Nuuanu and just past the YMCA, I went through a completely red light, no stopping. I was looking at the second light, which was green, but the first one was red. Doh!

  5. So you turned your Red Light into a “4 Way Stop”. I never thought of doing that, boy could I keep my Schedule with my bus if I did that, but I wouldn’t have my job long.

    I can assume OC wasn’t with you or you would have made mention of his input on the *4 Way Stop* Ploy,

    Blessings my friend, glad you were safe and nothing bad happened.

  6. i was directly behind a driver who did the same thing the other day. he didn’t endanger anyone but.. it kind of gave me the creeps. could have happened to me, too…

  7. Since your in Hawaii I don’t have to watch for you at stop lights. I assure you it won’t happen again but you might find yourself stopping on green.

  8. Your guardian angel was watching over you.
    It reminds me of “Don’t drive faster as your guardian angel can fly”. Seen in German.

  9. I did that. I came out of the hospital parking lot early in the morning the traffic light was red. I stopped and without thinking I drove on because there was no traffic. When I got through the intersection it dawned on me what I had done.

  10. Oh my dear. I think we all have days like that. I have. At least no harm done. It is funny tho. At least it was not at one of those red light camera stop lights.

  11. Gattina – I saw the photos of your hitchhiking Santa!

    Alice – don’t hold your breath, I’ve been looking for a few years now.

    Nessa – darn. Why not?

    SN – good, I like it when the stupid spreads itself around. 😉

    Alastair – exactly.

    Lisa – that’s the thought I comfort myself with.

    Amber – but I didn’t drink the blue stuff, honest!

    Shelly – I was thinking about where I was going, not where I was.

    Melli – I did it once a couple of years ago, too. I thik I’ll wait a couple more before doing it again.

    Jules – lol! I’m glad no one was hurt!

    Exbor – I almost did that this afternoon at Kapahulu and Waialae. Right there as one turns right off Kapahulu onto Waialae, at that triangular intersection is a stop sign and a few feet beyond it, where 1st Street meets Waialae, there is another. I almost always overlook that first one.

    Carletta – I think I’m rested. I slept really well last night! Thanks.

    Bill — I can guarantee you that if OC had been with me I would not have made that mistake – because HE would have been driving!

    Jientje – exactly!

    Juliana – I wonder if I freaked anybody out?

    Dr. John – I’ve done that, much to the disgust of the driver behind me. Luckily he was paying attention and didn’t bash me!

    Holly – alive? I wanted to get off McCully alive.

    Andrew – I’m glad I’m not the only idiot with a driver’s license – I think …. 😉

    Mar – we have that saying here in English, too.

    Betty – well, at least we both checked to see if we were safe ….

    Jill – oh. I hadn’t thought of that. How long does it take for the ticket to arrive in the mailbox?

    Jeff – I will steal that saying. Thank you.

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